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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 77:24 46:30 56:27
Catalog: Liquid Grace Productions: LG-040924-027
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: September 24, 2004
Location: Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany

Intro   2:42
R30 Overture   6:35
Spirit of Radio   5:05
Force Ten   4:49
Animate   5:54
Subdivisions   6:11
Earthshine   5:52
Red Barchetta   6:53
Roll the Bones   6:10
Bravado   6:17
YYZ   4:47
The Trees   5:55
The Seeker   3:34
One Little Victory   6:34

Darn That Dragon Intro   2:51
Tom Sawyer   5:06
Dreamline   5:11
The Secret Touch   7:24
Between the Wheels   6:14
Mystic Rhythms   5:28
Red Sector A   5:09
O Baterista   9:03

Resist   4:41
Heart full of Soul   2:50
2112 Overture - TOS/GF   8:07
La Villa Strangiato   9:24
By-Tor & the Snowdog   4:31
Xanadu   7:01
Working Man   7:05
Summertime Blues   3:42
Crossroads   3:13
Limelight/Outro   5:48

a8898dcb088d54af47c3a0965206ee79 *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track01.shn
6fae163c5c8e88f778a8a72891a19daa *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track02.shn
25e3ae3b5041a8713c1754d687a23b92 *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track03.shn
ae5d95cc7ee93804cba4b1c5ffd9a4ce *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track04.shn
7ec1d376fd61aae494ee2a528b6dd496 *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track05.shn
669e4414e7380e1bbada285025619348 *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track06.shn
126cbc823da2852ae37dcbb801596da1 *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track07.shn
87f7a35efa92856e53f7bae85f11a9b9 *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track08.shn
786f4cac29f6eea850cf59434bc0332c *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track09.shn
88e3767a8e6f008ded9139c503aa095e *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track10.shn
7bdb9be9732e831d5e3939e6ca5cd94b *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track11.shn
61c51a5f651f533b378c1be6206f831f *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track12.shn
5187857df275954a39d6e6de3414c12b *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track13.shn
b983d0674e0b7cccf7cf94eb8d60a8a4 *2004-09-24_FRA_d1_track14.shn
ba68da43ac74c8fe1fd7233862129197 *2004-09-24_FRA_d2_track01.shn
430ba18e6e9d15208a51e2096cfe3265 *2004-09-24_FRA_d2_track02.shn
4616b09c9ca11db4dd68d1d53b3ecbbb *2004-09-24_FRA_d2_track03.shn
2d7f6cf72f455982649ba2bc6819914d *2004-09-24_FRA_d2_track04.shn
2a69f67c250ad946d0af7965cd03ce21 *2004-09-24_FRA_d2_track05.shn
a41453ec0b318955ba1351a280bae2cb *2004-09-24_FRA_d2_track06.shn
02fe2b71ba19481b8b3e850ce6440a74 *2004-09-24_FRA_d2_track07.shn
eff6d8d9c0903c1a3dac8550a089d6e0 *2004-09-24_FRA_d2_track08.shn
039416d9e3a1d4feccd526033002ec6b *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track01.shn
9886a521872e458bffac79f706ff1b92 *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track02.shn
dcde2e5085a163d654d479cdd77d8d1e *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track03.shn
faf3a9f041df1a8aaa1d23a607e8cb8d *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track04.shn
3192124a418141ff2cb0a91beb47f68c *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track05.shn
2e8097d9495136b07600b8038b511416 *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track06.shn
6f8036c7f246a42b06d30d450b6dce0d *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track07.shn
39201346f2f4919120807f3146cb7056 *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track08.shn
38695b1533a6e27d4743e1bf302f9391 *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track09.shn
010c79288d05ac3afbb75e10b18ec98e *2004-09-24_FRA_d3_track10.shn

2004 09 24 FFM back.jpg
2004 09 24 FFM front.jpg
2004 09 24 FFM thumbnail.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

   (Audio - 7.5)

Well, this was my first taping since 1990 and it was very exciting since the security seemed to be very tight at the venue I put the gear at the usual places (thanks to gebs and Rog for getting in tapes and battery box) the 2 guys in front of me were completely searched. When it was my turn. I took out the ticket and my old cell phone and the guy said "have a nice evening". I was not searched at all. I know this venue and it is known for bad acoustics. You will notice that the first set sounds different from the second set. Very different. Actually CD 1 is a mono recording, something went terrible wrong with the DAT machine. The beginning of the intro is stereo, but suddenly it switches to mono. I am not sure why, but I assume it might be a problem with the mic connector. But, the second set is quite nice and truly reflects the atmosphere of that evening and compensates for CD1. The show itself was ultra loud from the beginning (Iron Maiden-like) and the mix was not balanced. As the show progressed it got better apparently some fine-tuning was done during each track. The band seemed to be a bit nervous on that show, maybe due to the fact that the show was filmed. This release is complete, and goes by the name of Main-Hattan project (I am sure you can puzzle this one out) I would like to thank Gebs for comimg over and providing gear, Henk, Rog and the other guys whose names I forgot for an unforgettable evening. This release is dedicated in loving memory to my friend Dullah LGP   (2004-11-24)

   (Audio - 6.5)


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