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Media: 3 CD Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-035
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Audience (MD Master)
Date: June 23, 2004
Location: Smirnoff Music Center, Dallas, Texas, USA

Intro 1:59
R-30 Overture 7:02
The Spirit Of Radio 4:41
Force Ten 4:42
Animate 5:58
Subdivisions 6:21
Earthshine 5:53
Red Barchetta 6:48
Roll The Bones 6:08
Bravado 6:10
YYZ 4:53
The Trees 6:05
The Seeker 4:13
One Little Victory 5:33

Darn that Dragon Intro 3:05
Tom Sawyer 5:06
Dreamline 5:06
Secret Touch 7:39
Between The Wheels 6:02
Mystic Rhythms 5:35
Red Sector A 5:08
Drum Solo 8:32

Resist 3:50
Heart Full Of Soul 2:45
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale 8:11
La Villa Strangiato 8:54
By-Tor And The Snow Dog 4:44
Xanadu 6:51
Working Man 7:04
Summertime Blues 3:36
Crossroads 3:12
Limelight 4:57
Outro 1:11

e94552dc9206bcd3285c2f926b8d27b4 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T02.shn
af14891c812a4ac3e5c331225dc7cd2a *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T03.shn
e124e97d46998443cc7c0044040ce336 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T04.shn
12151add03d8c70a2553d5874da34da8 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T05.shn
239646e42ee4104c5383339a6a5e4188 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T06.shn
23e210e947c0752782c0344273d7abea *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T07.shn
67f1d9051e5881bb248c7416499e10d1 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T08.shn
bb1cebf81d3f3cc355accb3f6ce4e8da *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T09.shn
d75813098b3d37e6dcc0a58246cef5de *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T10.shn
13402dd10e40ae4e965e40c0147456da *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T11.shn
203e38d22a64b2e0370df6a04d9a7751 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T12.shn
6ab795483cb359ca395adde3461ed6b0 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T13.shn
efec92c445db1a1bedc0645dd3216516 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T14.shn
ccb636554f5188fe4168d67d04cc71bd *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D1T01.shn
59d8c6d9ede7b3b3815a4c2c84d34688 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D2T01.shn
a0133a8785cf6c4d0dbb3f9f21ab5ed5 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D2T02.shn
217ae3a2ad2a7a5bed6f2ceb587bbb90 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D2T03.shn
63645aeef2cebe81f65c7e75aa940471 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D2T04.shn
3f29052c85118b3d06f42e13910e395c *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D2T05.shn
224cd045219f9dedf198b281711a59d4 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D2T06.shn
8f4e9b0f1b59849dc9a3d52e0b70acd2 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D2T07.shn
5ab59c5cfd08390e34b227ed2aab31c5 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D2T08.shn
724db3169df8db5d54dba8a94bee9372 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T01.shn
2c2fcd53660a1df43cf93b07afba1f29 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T02.shn
97c5d89a787f8ca5876f7d1519f2d2bc *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T03.shn
a1ccd54966bb832f300a9311c592e377 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T04.shn
0ab621c32aa77221cf3cb5973b3f5e74 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T05.shn
8ea4a9afc9588f440b795e6934baaad4 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T06.shn
ad33041fa43d46756ba26c0b86fbec3d *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T07.shn
ce231a2471a121bcdc8e89f633c4f437 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T08.shn
8d6853b980a696f9d61fe40ddf033920 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T09.shn
67297b608f66da8ae7d3553f9b2184c7 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T10.shn
734374ebf505240dd14e163e92c19457 *Rush_2004_06_23_ORSS_D3T11.shn

On Rushs Secret Service Back.jpg
On Rushs Secret Service Cover.jpg
On Rushs Secret Service Disc1.jpg
On Rushs Secret Service Disc2.jpg
On Rushs Secret Service Disc3.jpg
On Rushs Secret Service Foldout.jpg
On Rushs Secret Service Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6

Taper's Notes:

Now I know what it takes to be a taper . . . this was my third show, and after thoroughly butchering the first attempt and being cautiously happy with the second, I was primed to really nail the third one.? Then The Reason a Taper\'s Life is Difficult sat next to me.? He was loud, obnoxious, offensive, and -- as you\'ll hear -- vulgar and talkative.? Anyway, I discouraged interaction and he pretty much left me alone after "Bravado" and after the intermission I switched seats with my brother to move away, so that\'s better.? Plus, Simple Man did a great job with the show, and the yahoo doesn\'t ruin it.? Generally, the crowd was pretty loud, so it\'s very much an aud. recording.? The night was hot, the show was hot, and I had a great time.? I\'ve learned what not to do: I sit down a couple of times (sorry \'bout that), but I\'m currently doing deep knee bends to strengthen the old legs up for the next tour!? I\'d give the show a solid 8.5/VG+.? Thanks for listening and sharing!

Production Notes:
A decent sounding show from the R30 tour.? It?s a bit distant at times and the beginning of Resist is missing but all in all, it?s a worthy addition to a fan?s collection.? And speaking of fans, a thank you goes out to the Mid-West Division of Simple Man Productions for the source and to Daneck for the artwork.? Without fans like these to share the music with others, were would we be?

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 6)


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