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Trails Of Vapor


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-036
Source: Audience (Master DAT)
Date: November 06, 2002
Location: Medowlands, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

3 Stooges Intro - :51
Tom Sawyer ? 4:58
Distant Early Warning ? 4:56
New World Man ? 4:07
Roll the Bones ? 6:34
Earthshine ? 5:42
YYZ ? 4:53
The Pass ? 5:04
Bravado ? 6:20
The Big Money ? 6:24
The Trees ? 5:04
Freewill ? 5:39
Natural Science ? 8:39

One Little Victory ? 5:34
Driven ? 5:14
Ghost Rider ? 5:59
Secret Touch ? 7:02
Dreamline ? 5:15
Red Sector A ? 5:18
Leave That Thing Alone ? 4:58
Drum Solo ? 8:36
Resist ? 4:23
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx ? 6:54
Limelight ? 4:37
La Villa Strangiato ? 9:13
The Spirit of Radio ? 5:57

Bytor and the Snow Dog ? 4:53
Cygnus X-1 ? 3:13
Working Man ? 5:31

ccef229921f8ab6bbbc3dd3844f5f07e *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T01.shn
9eddfe6c7b0106bc4964beeda2a078cb *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T02.shn
4e3aa838e9d461a946a9b87ecf48ee08 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T03.shn
1ce56a5aece7bc10268dd2b42303c238 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T04.shn
f77d0020b979f13f559a23d7a8daf8c9 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T05.shn
23e894de35ececd08802bab5af3ede34 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T06.shn
b77c982b84f4004cd25f7dbf0dc21628 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T07.shn
db7af9b9b86f3439ecb81befa414dae9 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T08.shn
d19afd028a2f11f3f3dfc282bfaa4d20 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T09.shn
e8d340bf693eb5f9e8727b954b0ca399 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T10.shn
77a352b6e0797ebbe8d5fa3eb094b474 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T11.shn
7d7205e7fd0657ce23ca2d25b7a29760 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T12.shn
57a34512701c4d077e9b8100c2e06fa2 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D1T13.shn
50e8d717418f7e1f138f11c4a9e5e04d *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T01.shn
0167a6560430273e482e0b43848a436c *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T02.shn
a3827f8b75fce0d0d7cb9eb379ecac87 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T03.shn
30349d20f423ffeeea96e9d0c2d8c57c *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T04.shn
68aee57f2e7c7b46ec99c88b620d8e7e *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T05.shn
5954d39ccb5bbdd37eef75037804dfd1 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T06.shn
9ea6c8f225408eb857ceef0c3081e1a6 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T07.shn
19c2d59b556c6c29c8b05ce93e4967ca *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T08.shn
95f31940e5b65a2fec21346dbda9c3fd *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T09.shn
626b2ccca2f151bac192382eb3e0537f *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T10.shn
9f5a1d2c612b746548c2f26c7b9b9ce1 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T11.shn
6411282dc0754cbd0d42189a9f86a954 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T12.shn
ee9ec595a9ae7b88bfaaddcc7fe58499 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D2T13.shn
3c5a20d7e59e7acd3507d412a7957d01 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D3T01.shn
f1fb7a5a4e3a99d848733025c782a08d *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D3T02.shn
f56bd4aa86e4570f471d11fbe44696e3 *Rush_2002_11_06_Trails_of_Vapor_D3T03.shn

Trails of Vapor Back Thumbnail.jpg
Trails of Vapor Cover Thumbnail.jpg
Trails of Vapor Back.jpg
Trails of Vapor Cover.jpg
Trails of Vapor Disc1.jpg
Trails of Vapor Disc2.jpg
Trails of Vapor Disc3.jpg
Trails of Vapor Foldout.jpg
Trails of Vapor Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

Producers Notes:

A great recording from the Vapor Trails tour.? This one has been sitting on the shelf for a while for no other reason that I wasn?t in any great hurry to get to it.? We already had a great release from this date (By-tor and the Pink Wig) and it seemed to always get pushed back by something else.? My memory of this night is a little foggy (it?s been two years after all!) but I remember a really good, tight show and the recording certainly captures that.? All the instruments are very clear and the vocals are very up front.? A very nice addition to anyone?s collection.

A special thanks goes out to Daneck for the artwork.? He really does do great work!? And a special thanks to all the fans that continue to enjoy these recordings.? I?m happy that you enjoy them and hope to continue freely sharing my complete collection with nothing held back.

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases!? As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 7)


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