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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-034
Source: Audience DAT Master
Date: August 04, 2004
Location: Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Intro 2:42
R-30 Overture 6:39
The Spirit Of Radio 5:11
Force Ten 4:48
Animate 6:01
Subdivisions 6:16
Earthshine 5:50
Red Barchetta 6:54
Roll The Bones 6:13
Bravado 6:14
YYZ 4:50
The Trees 6:03
The Seeker 4:16
One Little Victory 5:37

Darn that Dragon Intro 3:08
Tom Sawyer 5:07
Dreamline 5:08
Secret Touch 7:31
Between The Wheels 6:03
Mystic Rhythms 5:26
Red Sector A 5:11
Drum Solo 8:37

Resist 4:54
Heart Full Of Soul 2:47
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale 8:11
La Villa Strangiato 9:13
By-Tor And The Snow Dog 4:39
Xanadu 7:03
Working Man 7:17
Summertime Blues 3:41
Crossroads 3:14
Limelight 4:55
Outro :44

28ab07433a5c41a5e3947d496d3c3077 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T02.shn
fa3370849dee5b0dd33de8e49603b329 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T03.shn
d1dbddbfbe240d29ab373784d996c908 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T04.shn
dc008bd37fdb618d88fa02dc3eb5da23 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T05.shn
20c969bc5a46ff59e59bbd0bbf0f990f *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T06.shn
17b7ac6956be6135c7ef156bfa19b3cb *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T07.shn
3ca49cc7a7aa539284cf3adfa3704bf1 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T08.shn
9d7bab6b811f328430369d0faa81adb2 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T09.shn
20074ccfd806178fe0539d1dc40cb937 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T10.shn
5eaae721ec13096ad55d3be913584096 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T11.shn
fee776827bc345194d89126482fa36e9 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T12.shn
0840178a34bbd3fdd44c519c66b06e6a *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T13.shn
9712e77264c8f4cd433af024df2672c4 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T14.shn
b634b6ce80c18b540289b38b4c6e3b3f *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D1T01.shn
95ba66d2dda8583a3ec9718918a8c744 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D2T01.shn
66a7ccce71030f5aaddfb41559d494a9 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D2T02.shn
fd086a6b242614185f4c8dec80d5af65 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D2T03.shn
534f2075f426ee8bf103f3049e646d57 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D2T04.shn
9200f9c0d6a01f1dc84900708cc315e6 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D2T05.shn
46c41d5dce75111cb3efd8f9c7b062e6 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D2T06.shn
9585d2538525c923bbe79a548950c6c4 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D2T07.shn
1520d6c62f5901421c360815da1ea29c *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D2T08.shn
153ade35f6b6efd29a25c53e5358311a *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T01.shn
2dcb0b2404ffcfb7fafcfa2cb5e2d905 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T02.shn
45f8a342b35ec081f1d8a1a98ba18cca *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T03.shn
4a7f1bcabf95ab03d013ff51d0daa189 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T04.shn
52126f2fe24ffe48f7e9156e44a592bb *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T05.shn
7a3416dca294bdf8d7dad23ad38b6f89 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T06.shn
21c12385583e2a7a20713b3dbfeebf2f *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T07.shn
67e29aeba09187498484997211e44b77 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T08.shn
e7cd98810bf145ee3cbf6916303dff5c *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T09.shn
a112abeba516f2e8ae544dea66e8ce34 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T10.shn
f37576c72c13e455d09d0daaafdf9b56 *Rush_2004_08_04_The_Clapper_D3T11.shn

The Clapper Cover Thumbnail.jpg
The Clapper Back.jpg
The Clapper Back Thumbnail.jpg
The Clapper Cover.jpg
The Clapper Cover Foldout.jpg
The Clapper Disc1.jpg
The Clapper Disc2.jpg
The Clapper Disc3.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

Producers Notes:

Taper's Notes:
A really nice recording from the R30 show.? The boys played very tight, Alex's rant is entertaining and the audience is very quite, except for the clapper.? Unfortunately the woo-woo guy has morphed into the clapper.? I've always had the attitude that you can't blame a fan for having a good time, although frankly I think I would have strangled the clapper that night and died happy.? Although listening to the show on my why home that night, I realized that my mic positioning helped to eliminate much of the clapping.

Thanks go out to Geddy, Alex and Neil.? Without them, this won't be possible.? And a special thanks goes out to Daneck for the artwork.? It's really great when fans come together to share the music so that all fans can enjoy it.

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the? Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded? freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 7)


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