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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-033
Source: Audience (Analog)
Date: September 22, 1983
Location: Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York, USA

Tom Sawyer 5:15
Digital Man 6:37
Subdivisions 5:24
Vital Signs 5:12
Red Sector A 5:29
Closer to the Heart 3:13
The Analog Kid 4:41
The Body Electric 5:07
Broons Bane 1:34
The Trees 3:34

Kid Gloves 3:32
Limelight 3:47
Countdown 5:58
2112: Overture/The Temples of Sryinx 6:18
Xanadu 2:23
La Villa Strangiato 3:26
In the Mood 2:44
YYZ 10:48

3c407182e6b2d773247eda049f153923 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T03.shn
1a52e8c8be652316b3077dfedb7a8029 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T04.shn
683ee35c846e30877cc1d26ad0d134b1 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T05.shn
48eeafb39bc19b37569b7e7aacee6e8e *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T06.shn
ab72fcd384c0da5cef5bc5cce6ae1c43 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T07.shn
c0acf253982154dee3afb58835796963 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T08.shn
c868bba1b8814d5f6433cd8dc9c8be0e *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T09.shn
8497663cadd229d5ca6d600a55cfc8ad *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T10.shn
7558c63d5a667279dc6c94cd66741d67 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T01.shn
3383f6c650a0cfd28cb806f3adb94086 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D1T02.shn
fe048b147eb8c0b59b39ba4333ef5257 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D2T01.shn
37ef99e470f8aa30ce58c8c0d1efc619 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D2T02.shn
37d4241bd4911e8b5cbdf60104015d34 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D2T03.shn
2ecad697e022335a39f2f036d064d6bd *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D2T04.shn
d13a815c6367eccdcd7edb82dd470918 *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D2T05.shn
cee72df9305c061bccedd20034db74fd *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D2T06.shn
f6ce6a811aa7d6dacd08b5e28e9dbddc *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D2T07.shn
092bcd24136623301699b7166b42622c *Rush_1983_09_22_Radio_Signals_D2T08.shn

Radio Signals Cover Thumbnail.jpg
Radio Signals Back.jpg
Radio Signals Back Thumbnail.jpg
Radio Signals Cover Thumbnail.jpg
Radio Signals Disc1.jpg
Radio Signals Disc2.jpg
Radio Signals Foldout.jpg
SMP Tray.jpg

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Producers Notes:

This is a completly different source than the DR release "Contents Under Pressure." It is missing several songs including The Spirit of Radio, Red Barchetta, The Weapon and New World Man plus a few cuts in a few other songs however what there is, considering the age comes across real clean. Personally I find it amazing that two different tapers thought to tape this show in 1983. Who'd a thought!?! A worthwhile addition to your collection nevertheless just for the prevew of the GUP songs if for no other reason.

Special thanks go out to Tim O for the source and to Daneck, as always for the artwork. It is truly great when fans come together to provide these shows for all to enjoy!

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