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The Spirit of Radio City - Part 1


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Rusherman Productions: RMP0818192004
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: August 18, 2004
Location: Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York, USA

Intro   2:50
R-30 Overture: Finding My Way   1:06
Anthem   1:33
Bastille Day   0:46
A Passage to Bangkok   1:10
Cygnus X1   1:12
Hemispheres: Prelude   0:44
The Spirit of Radio   5:07
Force Ten   4:47
Animate   5:59
Subdivisions   6:14
Earthshine   5:49
Red Barchetta   6:47
Roll the Bones   6:08
Bravado   6:16
YYZ   4:51
The Trees   6:12
The Seeker   4:15
One Little Victory   5:41

Intro   3:42
Tom Sawyer   5:00
Dreamline   5:05
Secret Touch   7:42
Between the Wheels   5:57
Mystic Rhythms   5:25
Red Sector A   5:09
Drum Solo   8:39

Resist   4:52
Heart Full of Soul   2:47
2112 (Overture, Temples of Syrinx, Grand Finale)   8:01
La Villa Strangiato   9:46
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:36
Xanadu   7:01
Working Man   7:03
Summertime Blues   3:42
Crossroads   3:13
Limelight (with outro)   5:42

52d6918e19b4400fb81b28fa1d9150a9 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t01.shn
13f39c9f793a9cbba9e0d42437640373 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t02.shn
18b30e5c077ab054bd05634edc422475 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t03.shn
2f3d686f19e4f2257e435343b502909d *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t04.shn
00245e8f236c4192d59a217c019cb30f *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t05.shn
5575f816f1687c8095c76bf4ebe10c24 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t06.shn
12157fc38e8c68d522a990bec75920bc *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t07.shn
6fc07a7c3c2ace76f4cb83936a756d22 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t08.shn
1c5d30eb0db9ffa1f18b6155688886ab *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t09.shn
a3f8f736f4158cd61f1aa5b7efdf8e07 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t10.shn
ac40b4f8f8ca61c778c59b5f49ef5d8d *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t11.shn
2d9c338952109ac3edb2deff951170df *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t12.shn
360692c8badffb14912290610da86e2f *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t13.shn
55068321d61ce100db40066ed7072970 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t14.shn
f9dbf9239d8c672b8b413555955d3753 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t15.shn
17d6aa6cfae43f6e31a023bd660d278e *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t16.shn
924c3255e4c894d02fe91da6b9eb78d2 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t17.shn
401b64d2b03ac815a50be7f1e400820f *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t18.shn
59a0eec729b69dc9bb0ccaabe3ea4c01 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d1-t19.shn
fe4e02e57468c7e76809e89e850a8a3d *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d2-t01.shn
a657e9ef5d3c4f9399d3f1fbfc3ff2d7 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d2-t02.shn
b5b788c845a132d9bfb00d123e449d4a *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d2-t03.shn
243005790f5b3006802b3793664f0424 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d2-t04.shn
e6f02cc7e6ee3ee7e1582a1fefcb9f23 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d2-t05.shn
2a641dedfcdabeca4132b243130b6b7b *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d2-t06.shn
6d31ba6235a52940585ee6d9ffed79e9 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d2-t07.shn
1fbc766d2186c2f40a18aeefecc5f705 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d2-t08.shn
8b2ffdbc9fd1363e41daf35e95e4b47f *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t01.shn
8d2674ab18c3d160e5a24109ee236034 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t02.shn
256831d368189462abecad98978385ff *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t03.shn
606f553cc57bab14467abcb405e95da2 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t04.shn 
b7c31f6f661e5dfd55bf516cf9b981e7 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t05.shn
ccea6f3d137947ece594e96438c630c8 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t06.shn
a568527e3903f20b067d709477b5885a *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t07.shn
d145780d8466793318ed9a3588d03d3d *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t08.shn
2f22c5c6b29d2ca236b7456d0e5589ba *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t09.shn
e897d35ba34373377c179ba3a2a37770 *2004_08_18_tsorc_p1-d3-t10.shn

Rush TheSpiritofRadioCityBoxSetBack.jpg
Rush TheSpiritofRadioCityBoxSetFront.jpg
Rush TheSpiritofRadioCityPt1 Back.jpg
Rush TheSpiritofRadioCityPt1 Front.jpg

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Tapers Notes:

Source: Sony Dat D8
Mic -Sony (Midrange Condenser) Model- ECM-MS907

Section-Orch6,Row-00, Seat#610

This was the most enjoyable 2 shows I have ever seen.

The 1st night: Was "LOUD"!! & i can relate to Chris M's ears from night #2 as i was around the same spot on the 1st night . there is minimal crowd noise although you do hear a drunk fella every here & there , being so close drowned him out thank god. I fed him cigarettes like crazy & it actually worked.

As for the show , i took a little low end off with Cool Edit2.0 since the drums came through with a venegnce ,especially the low toms & Geddy's lower notes (on occasions). My ears are usually immune to loudnesss from playing every week but they were ringing pretty good for part of the following day. I think this is a great sounding show & I would love for you all to check it out if you can , you won't be disappointed. After a few mixes & various EQ settings I decided to basically go with the show as it was recorded as is with just a few volume modifications when I raised the level during the show.

For the one's who have this now it's basically a 50/50 split for the better of the 2 ,but I personally like the way they both came out & for certain qualities that they both have over one another from the 2 locations they were recorded from. Both shows (shns) can be downloaded right now from the DC HUB.

Artwork: A special thanks to Rochinante30 (Rivendell) for doing an excellent job, Rush0212 for some of the photos & Daneck for having this available now & for other issues only he know's what i'm referring to !! Also the fans that have reviewed & have helped me finally get this finished after all the samples. Thanks Guy's so very very much,hope you all enjoy the shows.

Rusher_Man (U.S.A)

This is for free trade only & never to be sold or converted to mp.3.




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