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UK Unlimited - Manchester


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Liquid Grace Productions: LG-040912-UK4
Source: Audience Dat Master
Date: September 12, 2004
Location: MEN Arena, Manchester, England

Intro   2:38
R30 Overture   6:36
The Spirit of Radio   5:07
Force Ten    4:50
Animate   5:53
Subdivisions   6:10
Earthshine    5:49
Red Barchetta   6:51
Roll the Bones   6:05
Bravado   6:12
YYZ   4:43
The Trees   6:02
The Seeker   3:30
One Little Victory   6:26

Darn That Dragon Intro   3:07
Tom Sawyer   5:04
Dreamline    5:10
The Secret Touch   7:25
Between the Wheels    6:09
Mystic Rythms   5:26
Red Sector A   5:08
O Baterista   8:55

Resist   4:32
Heart Full of Soul   2:49
2112 Overture - TOS/GF   8:06
La Villa Strangiato   10:18
By-Tor & the Snowdog   4:32
Xanadu   7:10
Working Man   7:05
Summertime Blues   3:41
Crossroads   3:13
Limelight/Outro   5:57

57e1081d5f9169a2e58296b27a260d2f *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track01.shn
d14773b6b0cdb921921ddcda39a5fc05 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track02.shn
658209de08118153d631fdcccc54e6a4 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track03.shn
3bd42684bb6c22ea652ecbac09816088 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track04.shn
6a47d67cb27a4ff97592592dcd336ff5 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track05.shn
fbf8b6a36372588b004e681cfb64b904 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track06.shn
8922910c72530eb5a87e131aff765439 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track07.shn
1a90285d1117031c1d1a737b27d03a24 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track08.shn
72924c3b98b699f289b2991fa4f0c84d *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track09.shn
dd2cc9637817c00fea920ef9556aabc3 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track10.shn
5cb395ddcce41b1b82c478ac6c4a9df6 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track11.shn
6b7d4c06fd56e7b91777c6fca721a2cd *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track12.shn
cf83bc0afa7ca000579e5971a0922f4e *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track13.shn
e4f6ef5d8aa05cddd8a845fd2e679daf *2004-09-12 _MEN_d1_track14.shn
0af1170c3a22d68df79891bfc39c035c *2004-09-12 _MEN_d2_track01.shn
7ddb6fdd366e07501ceccd9916fa0e49 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d2_track02.shn
c8566a0add7c4d225e05e6d3333485b7 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d2_track03.shn
7687de729be350be6cbf91fc30d28253 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d2_track04.shn
99f191cd7a49e680a37951879da2ee41 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d2_track05.shn
cab26b9882a8e7768a08df49ffc9e1f4 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d2_track06.shn
2c76d2214903db53a8aa5bb9a8af97d3 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d2_track07.shn
ac294ce084c8d0f98f15e57d092b141e *2004-09-12 _MEN_d2_track08.shn
b5d58958e9d6d4f57f1360dcea2e2c61 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track01.shn
5780119d195bc0809be8158ffb8c9fe7 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track02.shn
9e961f9c38687af5190492bd7fa419fd *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track03.shn
dec3252713e17bf7bc91b644c9167a6f *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track04.shn
26b13a147b179072f792554a018416d9 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track05.shn
e84f2a858d9078e0dc698a74d578cffc *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track06.shn
047421e705c7ca18777f5068f5af0afb *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track07.shn
b722ad3f1cb20a591872bb5ee464685f *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track08.shn
2abb6801f22c0aad14436cf7f1b98a87 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track09.shn
4e4ea0776bafeb358c06c3dccd320d92 *2004-09-12 _MEN_d3_track10.shn

UK unlimited 4.jpg
UK unlimited 4 T.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9

   (Audio - 8)


Steve harrison

If you need one recording from the UK jaunt this will be the one to get .All the instruments are full up front, the recording has a great warm sound/feel to this and thus ensures its status as the best ever (From this point) of the tour. Extreme kudos to the taper.    (2004-11-14)

Steve Bygott
   (Audio - 8.5)

Whoever recorded this show seems to know exactly what they are doing. I suspect from the sound and crowd noise that I was very close to the taper. A great show from start to finish. The only downside was someone pulling the plug to the PA at the start Force Ten. Everyone is thinking we've been waiting 12 years for this and the equipment is going to blow! A great show, extremely well recorded, a joy to have been there and a gem to have in your collection. Special thanks to AJ for my copy. Go and get it!    (2004-11-19)

   (Audio - 10)

Whoa! What kind of lottery did my ears just win? This recording is so crisp, so clear and in your face, it give me chills up & down my spine everytime I listen to it. IMHO, this is the best audience DAT from R30 as of this date 2004-11-18. It's definitely the crown jewel of The Euro leg of the tour, possibly the best of the entire R30 tour! Thanks to the tapers & producers for this beauty, you made history with this one!   (2004-11-18)


What a great sounding bootleg, the sound is warm with all the instruments up front, what a great taping job! This is a bootleg for the casual to the completist of Rush collectors, a great sounding, well played show. The best of the lot for the what is an overall great series known as UK Unlimited. The series came out soon after the shows, giving us a great sounding taste on what the UK shows sounded soon after, once again thanks for the taper.    (2004-11-27)

jeff wilson
   (Audio - 9.5)

I was at Wembley,Glasgow and Manchester. Manchester was by far the best sounding and it shows on this recording. It actually sounds much better than the official rush releases,great balance with all the instruments coming thru very clearly indeed. I have the complete UK Unlimited series and this is THE one to get. An absolute must have for any fan,and the best set list ever.   (2006-03-09)

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