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UK Unlimited - Birmingham 2nd Night


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Liquid Grace Productions: LG-040915-UK6
Source: Audience Dat Master
Date: September 15, 2004
Location: NEC Arena, Birmingham,, England

Intro 2:43
R30 Overture 6:41
The Spirit of Radio 5:09
Force Ten 4:51
Animate 5:56
Subdivisions 6:16
Earthshine 5:49
Red Barchetta 6:53
Roll the Bones 6:05
Bravado 6:13
YYZ 4:46
The Trees 5:58
The Seeker 3:39
One Little Victory 6:26

Darn That Dragon Intro 3:55
Tom Sawyer 5:12
Dreamline 5:10
The Secret Touch 7:26
Between the Wheels 6:08
Mystic Rythms 5:27
Red Sector A 5:11
O Baterista 9:02

Resist 4:38
Heart Full of Soul 2:49
2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Grand Finale 8:03
La Villa Strangiato 10:00
By-Tor & the Snowdog 4:31
Xanadu 7:06
Working Man 6:56
Summertime Blues 3:43
Crossroads 3:13
Limelight/Outro 6:03

d61ea768e7ba3e8eb3c91ace0a2a5712 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track01.shn
b86bec913658b81f8dd0fb8825fcbcd3 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track02.shn
ceeb83a348ac42722ab64dc70c763619 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track03.shn
7974564b90a51b9c4706d52959448869 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track04.shn
e6bc58c5940911c67f475f9fcd3877ab *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track05.shn
002a6269d0099d884d299236aba3e5b7 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track06.shn
6a55d909e2d4ed49b8f2d09848910053 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track07.shn
3aff0e5dbf7ce28f8646f96d62f1328d *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track08.shn
80887a2cbb1613376590d3ebd3864171 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track09.shn
04384137ff313e95da0914efb361e229 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track10.shn
c85e1416ec0967747816d073bf9a1365 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track11.shn
1c90e8c9779a0b395fd9a88e97d9ef2c *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track12.shn
df819d3384bbe8dc099a9ca3758139b3 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track13.shn
92ee83ea3b2b7bf8a22f6c53820f35f1 *2004-09-15_NEC2nd_d1_track14.shn
59d2ac5b523d0d55c5a8b015dc18ea6f *2004-09-15_NEC_d2_track01.shn
e19d6a4be336e3907c74be8ceee2c2fa *2004-09-15_NEC_d2_track02.shn
dabd4d6c4bc7f6a81ae8e09309752dca *2004-09-15_NEC_d2_track03.shn
4149e8516f2cc1ced692233d31defaa2 *2004-09-15_NEC_d2_track04.shn
a206332d95ab030fcb931f030e22b2e2 *2004-09-15_NEC_d2_track05.shn
1296aeac428be27ed48669b7a689e13e *2004-09-15_NEC_d2_track06.shn
33983aebc1b9676f75310440d18c889c *2004-09-15_NEC_d2_track07.shn
6299b4009a81f00d11762bb7eb841fab *2004-09-15_NEC_d2_track08.shn
7b43f0dbdec63aac885c185dfb0bc356 *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track01.shn
c1d97820f29c3644250a25b566649c3f *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track02.shn
4d1aa96729dcb608fdf8da186da362f2 *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track03.shn
a6702021c4dc5270c353190ed3205acf *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track04.shn
50f694ae61d9f1ce90e37a9cd19af7b7 *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track05.shn
edcc7df39fdd8e25d01a4b6c37473f53 *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track06.shn
6855539c4275bee275537b4c10ec1f7f *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track07.shn
292a6d7769339a931b04b017514b87a8 *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track08.shn
693d306cde02d97fb6641ee1534de7e7 *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track09.shn
4efa74bed30b51e61790f04e0db63feb *2004-09-15_NEC_d3_track10.shn

UK unlimited 6.jpg
UK unlimited 6 T.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.25

   (Audio - 8)


Rusher_Man (USA)
   (Audio - 8.5)

This show I have been playing in my car for about a week now & all i can say is WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An excellent recording ,very repspectful crowd (as always in Europe compared to the USA) minimal noise,no phasing & just a solid recording all the way through. What a show & what a great job by the taper & production. This is one of my favorites for sure & of course if you get this show make sure you get the other 5 shows to complete the set. Those other 5 are also very nice sounding shows. The whole (6 Show) set is pretty consistent with this night for quality , but i do think this one is the best of them, performance wise, as well as sound. I highly recommend you all do get a copy of UK Unlimited. Great work LGP & GG.   (2004-11-18)

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