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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 76:56, 46:35, 56:08
Catalog: Snowdog Productions: SDP-003
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Date: June 05, 2004
Location: Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

Intro   2:31
R30 Overture   6:36
The Spirit of Radio   5:02
Force Ten   4:45
Animate   5:58
Subdivisions   6:18
Earthshine   5:52
Red Barchetta   6:50
Roll The Bones   6:05
Bravado   6:09
YYZ   4:48
The Trees   5:39
The Seeker   3:48
One Little Victory   6:33

Darn That Dragon Movie   3:20
Tom Sawyer   5:07
Dreamline   5:08
Secret Touch   7:23
Between The Wheels   6:20
Mystic Rhythms   5:40
Red Sector A   5:12
O'Baterista   8:13

Resist   4:07
Heart Full of Soul   2:49
2112: Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Grande Finale   8:12
La Villa Strangiato   9:07
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   4:40
Xanadu   6:56
Working Man   7:06
Summertime Blues   3:43
Crossroads   3:14
Limelight   4:37
Outro   1:35

e9871ee1af18f424ed3064f0757917d3 *d1t03.shn
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f0c16640541c903f1c62e09e088031a9 *d1t04.shn
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bb162fa0ea26192e9baedf7fdb127a38 *d1t07.shn
faa2b0440f3556b439a963bab5ea4a0d *d1t08.shn
a448aecf52f532646eff78de2c5a2b5a *d1t09.shn
0dbee4792c2904ca46b12b2ef11cc80c *d1t10.shn
e67f4107211143826d5c40ce349242bd *d1t11.shn
fbd119712524c6b70f10a967c1187f9b *d1t12.shn
415de8c9ac79fd23bf2b7ca9d0e0abba *d1t13.shn
3a9c8130dec5e1fb5553be11389352c6 *d1t14.shn
3e7b5b7a6a0f44cf3fcf746810002538 *d2t03.shn
2369d8a105f6123a5002e28f74015c04 *d2t04.shn
2374530c4c8431fc6d09ff9237103907 *d2t05.shn
0243093b58d56830d039733c234c5d6b *d2t06.shn
d710a20525786bb146790ed06b2e19b7 *d2t07.shn
f93a64b34072a5de3885ce7b7f5d709a *d2t08.shn
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8a42555f7417e41f513113df7321b7bd *d3t05.shn
f33f51528c12d6a33b8e29b6aa47c679 *d3t06.shn
e236df78217ae36600b19ffb95368465 *d3t07.shn
96be1b76ba5b4e1e94fc78ded866ef92 *d3t08.shn
04ad108e2159baeb630ee15fbdf18c39 *d3t09.shn
e623bccf8483f331567c56238480da94 *d3t10.shn
a60df32aefd6457cea5e62d2346c76cb *d3t11.shn
469e604540c7d662de5418b5388eeb20 *d1t02.shn
21ac5112acaa3c794042e8aa7d8c56ea *d2t01.shn

6a4f66ea0bbc6d05d1546d5b65b04088 *d2t01.wav
9aef2cbbca2721d65fefcc5342824234 *d1t03.wav
4c35beb3a20172051cbd3e6677202263 *d3t01.wav
58fe694ae1cb9ed8a423297abcea9ef6 *d1t04.wav
a4e83bc55904dcd839427aa28ea4b40d *d2t02.wav
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89c6af760cee33739b37c56979462694 *d1t07.wav
030d5f00de3ba9c6b55fe26132752141 *d1t08.wav
2649a045ace1ed43b1024b979e6829e0 *d1t09.wav
bbc21c13909ea8574be5649ce89520a2 *d1t10.wav
d195e999fb170d3036ca30cbba0a413f *d1t11.wav
e7d12e3ae96b3215c083315d20ff9876 *d1t12.wav
bf3b3c160f1d7adbed5885653dcdbfcf *d1t13.wav
d260507fc8860544c49f43cc5304a246 *d1t14.wav
d067a1842156208670360ecb710fa98a *d2t03.wav
bd978087dbf234ac818d674c40660d52 *d2t04.wav
13fff2bc4025738266e31423f2aa9a9b *d2t05.wav
84194c66e5810a936a3e5d1ab1454b6c *d2t06.wav
6eea628e1e0348ee6b5bac23c099fe9f *d2t07.wav
e00331cd9c1a54e0f88e6dbd7b6508e9 *d2t08.wav
9461bf86cec7804388ee44628e6030dd *d3t03.wav
c8a5194727500500cd3fe3d4ee9ffbf1 *d3t04.wav
aa98f96a3778ef3e6c93ee673ee0cfc9 *d3t05.wav
0b50309420937e60865755113013aabd *d3t06.wav
81b7ee5c3957e76bed09b88346b361b8 *d3t07.wav
64fe85902280bc6b6d0c5e520f0b5894 *d3t08.wav
1a530d070eff16ce6729b1958be59d8d *d3t09.wav
562b1cb43c87d219c38b73544897d494 *d3t10.wav
d64b37d184cba96edc0d4de675f74f15 *d3t11.wav
d0a8320d510ccd86705cddb441045d77 *d1t02.wav

Secret Touch on a Broken String Thumbnail
Secret Touch on a Broken String Thumbnail.jpg
Secret Touch on a Broken String Back.jpg
Secret Touch on a Broken String Back Thumbnail.jpg
Secret Touch on a Broken String Cover.jpg
Secret Touch on a Broken String Disc1.jpg
Secret Touch on a Broken String Disc2.jpg
Secret Touch on a Broken String Disc3.jpg
Secret Touch on a Broken String Foldout.jpg
Secret Touch on a Broken String Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Producers Notes:

Please do not trade this show in MP3 or other "compressed" formats.
This unofficial live recording was made by fans for the fans and should never be sold but traded freely.
Recorded live at the Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, IL on June 5, 2004.
Artwork by daneck. Audio mastering by "SiriusJoe". A SnowDog Production - Sept 2004.   (2004-11-01)

   (Audio - 7.5)


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