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Brought To You By The Letter Rush0212


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-037
Source: Audience Analog
Date: April 19, 1986
Location: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia, USA

3 Stooges Intro   :45
The Spirit of Radio   5:03
Limelight   4:58
The Big Money   6:01
New World Man   4.14
Subdivision   5:48
Manhattan Project   5:26
Middletown Dreams   5:21
Witch Hunt   5:32
Red Sector A   5:34
Closer to the Heart   5:37
Marathon   6:42
The Trees   4:49
Mystic Rhythms   5:23
Distant Early Warning   5:39

Territories   6:34
YYZ   3:15
Drum Solo   6:20
Red Lenses   2:19
Tom Sawyer   5:07
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:33
Grand Designs   5:03
In The Mood   2:54

2362d76ccf9db4d7d666324b03305e71 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T01.shn
c617cb83275214a14713332adafd9a00 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T02.shn
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0980a9e2dcc6a60d770a1669ae4742e8 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T04.shn
ad56fd7dd95bb54692a8847f01e554da *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T05.shn
798104eb5c25dbae3ee6e917aa738c25 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T06.shn
b8db1c5dcd413b8a989ce5bb149c3a4a *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T07.shn
3da6f91a6ceb99738905a1d9699ad6ac *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T08.shn
62e2fd1f7fd0e3da70bdb638aa414e0a *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T09.shn
0419298d2a145e98f5f891a54a036d80 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T10.shn
8269ecafe4609573df69713912f8c09e *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T11.shn
2343ebb0d64659025f62889f0a015d8d *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T12.shn
3571d0aed98322eeb094bf52e6ecdfd1 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T13.shn
51ad3c93d6f301c6e3b9295e120b547a *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T14.shn
e68d1f84a7d50b5e99b65b186f9e602c *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D1T15.shn
20b665b9fd655410b2aeeaeeb46240b1 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D2T01.shn
55ddd613923fc39417427d3a61147629 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D2T02.shn
1e79f39870e822ecfc8be8c0074e1034 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D2T03.shn
915f3cf62d5b01cccf3f11215e249fb5 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D2T04.shn
c0567ea6f1a40aa7baa26bd6d7948ae6 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D2T05.shn
bcf0158251f86c7dd4126c30b97cab0f *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D2T06.shn
d10219fdf967b049bc9171ee5edea661 *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D2T07.shn
1e33036cbcbf710057d99759c388058f *Rush_1986_04_19_Btybtl0212_D2T08.shn

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Average Rating:Audio: 5.5

Producers Notes:

A very nice show from the Power Windows tour.? As much ?discussion? as there has been over the R30 set list lately, honestly this always struck me as one of the oddest set lists, especially the ending.? Grand Designs just doesn?t strike me as a closing song but regardless I?m still happy to have it!

A word about the title.? Brought to you by the letter Rush0212.? Many traders are aware of Rush0212 and what he has done for the Rush trading community.? Not only running his FTP server for the past several years but also freely trading all shows to all comers.? He recently contacted me and said that he had found a new source, this one and was curious if I?d be interested in working on it for all to share.? Just one more way that Rush fans work together to share all that we have. For all you do and have done Greg, this is for you.? Thank You!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 5.5)

What can I say, other than how flattered I?am about this show?? When I was?asked if I knew any one that would master this show , even thought its not that good I said sure , and pointed the person to SM. When I talked to Jeff about I said maybe you could put my name some where on it, well I didnt expect a whole?boot to me! Again I'm just so totally flattered, and have my name on a Rush boot! Too cool! ?The artwork on is totally cool, as always Dan out did himself. Then I listned to it, not expecting much, but was plesantly surprised with what SM did with it!

Again Thanks so much!!!!


   (Audio - 5.5)

I recorded this show. It was my first and only boot recording, done on a relatively high end (for the time) cassette Sony Walkman with a separate, small stereo mic, recorded to Maxell metal cassettes from a spot in the stands along Geddy's side of the arena but back a bit (if the stage is 12 o'clock, we were at 4 o'clock). The mastered version takes out some of the harshness of the recording, but it is still not exactly top quality(although I did manage to get the whole show). Nonetheless, it obviously occupies a special place in my collection! Thanks to Rush0212 and Simple Man Productions for giving it the treatment!   (2008-05-31)

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