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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 48:36, 65:34
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: May 21, 1986
Location: The Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, USA

The Spirit of Radio
The Big Money
New World Man
Manhattan Project
Middletown Dreams
Witch Hunt
Red Sector A
Closer to the Heart

The Trees
Mystic Rhythms
Distant Early Warning
The Rhythm Method
Red Lenses
Tom Sawyer
The Temples of Syrinx
Grand Designs
In the Mood


Average Rating:Audio: 4.5

Nate's Notes
   (Audio - 5)

Well this is certainly an interesting recording. Like Virtual Songs, the audience comes through way louder than the band.? Unlike Virtual Songs, the band sounds decent.? Whoever originally mastered this show did a real whack job, as each disc is one enormous track and the source tape wasn't in top shape.? One of these days I will get around to re-indexing the discs.? This isn't a bad boot, but it's just not quite as good as others from this tour.? Try Better Beer or Mystic Dreams first.    (2001-06-24)

Bill Girton
   (Audio - 3)

This is a good audience recording. Everything can be heard clearly with a decent mix. The band sounds close so the taper must have been near the PA System. The show is from the last week of the tour. The band seems to be up for the show, maybe sensing that a long awaited rest is just around the corner. They do not seem to just be going through the motions that some late tour shows seem to be. The biggest problem is the crowd noise. It is very loud between songs and there is some close cheering and talking at times. For the most part it is not distracting. There is a person in the distance who has a piercing scream. It sounds like the Beatles are on stage rather than Rush. I will give the crowd credit for really being into the show. Overall a good recording if you don\'t mind listening around a few voices.    (2001-06-24)

   (Audio - 5)

I was actually the recorder of this bootleg in 1986, I was a junior in HS at the time. I was in the second row of the audience and used an AIWA walkman with a Maxell metal tape to do it. It was my first attempt at recording a live gig and I didn't really know what I was doing. The photos are also from our seats. The friend of mine I was with went through the process of digitally mastering from the tapes in 1998, when home digital recording technology wasn't very advanced; hence the 1 track for each disk. I'm currently trying to figure out how to break this thing into its respective tracks - if anyone out there can suggest affordable and easy-to-understand software that can do the job, I'd appreciate it. There's also other pics from this show I'd want to include as part of a CD booklet.   (2007-06-28)

Paul Sweum
   (Audio - 5)

Oh, and about the title of this boot. My buddy Mike, who was next to me at this show (you can hear him commanding me to "check the tape") and I had a joke at the time where we went through a McDonald's drive thru for ice cream in downtown Seattle (a location right next to the coliseum where the show was taped), and it took so long with the order that they gave it to us for free. We were out of it from the consumption of party favors, so with this surprise we were beyond giddy about getting a "free sundae" and laughed all the way home. So when we were transferring this to disc in 1998, and were looking for a name, we decided on the title because we figured our Rush experience that year, in 1986, was much like the event where we received a free sundae at McDonald's. This disc was about my buddy and I celebrating Rush and our friendship. It was never about making money. I hope there's folks out there who can appreciate it for that - and perhaps this story adds some context to the recording. -Paul Sweum, recorder of "Free Sundae" on May 21, 1986    (2007-06-28)

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