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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 68:32, 43:58
Catalog: Rush-Signals Production: #RSP-790430-1
Source: Audience (Analog Master)
Date: April 30, 1979
Location: The Apollo, Manchester, England

Anthem   4:17
A Passage To Bangkok   3:49
By-Tor and The Snow Dog   5:37
Xanadu   12:21
Something for Nothing   4:26
The Trees   5:03
Cygnus X-1   10:01
Hemispheres   19:37
Closer To The Heart   3:21

A Farewell To Kings   6:08
La Villa Strangiato   10:39
2112   19:08
Working Man   3:38
Bastille Day   1:41
In The Mood   2:44

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Rush Armed with sense and Liberty back.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

Dave@Rush-Signals Productions
   (Audio - 7)

This show came by way of dumb luck while trading for another band the trader informed me he had taped this show back in 1979 and he had never traded it to anyone or even let it out. He didn?t think it was very good. Well I think it turned out very good. At first I wasn?t too interested in this show, but the more I worked on it the more it grew on me and became a sweet show to listen to. It?s one of those shows that the louder you play it the better it sounds. For the most part everything is really clear, the show definitely sounds better as it goes on. The only flaw is that the audience is well behaved at times but then they clap and that clapping can drown out the music, but that is few and far between.

There is a short cut during Hemispheres when he thought he was going to be out of tape. He was using a 2hr cassette so because he flipped too early that resulted in the other side being short also, which explains why the drum solo wasn?t recorded.

   (Audio - 7)

IMO, any '79 show is a good show to have. This Manchester show is no exception. The sound quality is pretty good for the age of the tape. I would conservatively rate it as B+ or VG+. It's far from being in the same sound quality league as the Oslo '79, Vancouver '78 and Hollywood '79 shows, but it's up there. The performance is very energetic and a nice intro to Working Man and some odd passages in LVS.
The ONLY drawback that I can see is the "swirling" effect in the mix. The "swirling" effect sounds like a product of MP3 (which I doubt since this was reported to be from the Master source) OR heavy use of NR (noise reduction/hiss reduction). On a pair of headphones, the effect is overpowering. A good location to hear this is the beginning of AFtK. Sounds like a microphone underwater.

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