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Hollywood Bowl 04


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: D1 60:42 D2 62:33 D3 55:37
Catalog: Unknown:
Source: Audience (Dat Master)
Date: July 06, 2004
Location: Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California, USA

Intro   2:14
R30 Overture   6:37
The Spirit Of Radio   5:01
Force Ten   4:45
Animate   5.59
Subdivisions   6:20
Earthshine   5:45
Red Barchetta   6:52
Roll The Bones   6:08
Bravado   6:12
YYZ   4:45

The Trees   6:13
The Seeker   4:20
One Little Victory   5:42
Darn That Dragon   3:23
Tom Sawyer   5:05
Dreamline   5:15
Secret Touch   7:33
Between The Wheels   6:00
Mystic Rhythms   5:34
Red Sector A   5:11
Drum Solo   8:14

Resist   4:40
Heart Full Of Soul   2:47
2112    8:07
La Villa Strangulate   9:09
By-Tor And The Snowdog   4:54
Xanadu   6:43
Working Man   5:31
Summertime Blues   3:57
Crossroads   3:13
Limelight   5:16
Outro   1:16

2fbb83f299be906842a1d38eed529e87 *101 Intro.flac
5ea2fd0012f792aff1a190eae0b6f8c8 *102 R30 Overture.flac
c141e6cc0175f4a553ab6575be002f76 *103 The Spirit Of Radio.flac
e368e98a58ebbbc403cde8ecea0a71f8 *104 Force Ten.flac
39b1e1d0ce837fb0c0a6516ec7dc99c8 *105 Animate.flac
356a577ba49fb746ab7e9058712f6f37 *106 Subdivisions.flac
646a69f4901d0dd80eb482237edfa920 *107 Earthshine.flac
87cd5432c49fe7666e1765ae4a300a13 *108 Red Barchetta.flac
6e6fbe861c7e1e702ffefdfedc266b37 *109 Roll The Bones.flac
00b131e95a8d5ad54ec6fbd06e3b0e82 *110 Bravado.flac
7782223a3fe68985d3d4780ba4d272be *111 YYZ.flac
c236d2a60cf902ff5743967ffebb7e00 *201 The Trees.flac
eea98e24fe23cd01295df95666adf15f *202 The Seeker.flac
efece9aa643aa5637020603973d38e5b *203 One Little Victory.flac
f2c0ad379eac99b4072286dfb91b68dc *204 Intro.flac
bc5450f89eba6dee05f58045d2f08933 *205 Tom Sawyer.flac
4e5b2c1193f044e09cab738f765098c5 *206 Dreamline.flac
41989e0da3ec0ded5034a31217303ff1 *207 Secret Touch.flac
cedf6cb3e27617f91dd01db1851a6704 *208 Between The Wheels.flac
f27fb357e6fb5a211bd1598106e9ea11 *209 Mystic Rhythms.flac
03d3b075709aa8f0a3335de2c2925101 *210 Red Sector A.flac
b95c69c9a53156048e2036dfb453401e *211 Drum Solo.flac
48e7f4d3897324529f9cbf66cc081171 *301 Resist.flac
58226ecbb88500d4eeac0c196f029e9d *302 Heart Full Of Soul.flac
30ba232326804eafda64c418db455612 *303 2112.flac
df7c4c4abe5652f6f04139f095715b41 *304 La Villa Strangiato.flac
5039a721b617271f734cca6a9eaac043 *305 By-Tor And The Snowdog.flac
13c85da03e631ba0ac3c60df1577948e *306 Xnandu.flac
60d0e69b5adc073c6581130729cda465 *307 Working Man.flac
8ad580a86c59311a4ea8253015755816 *308 Summertime Blues.flac
5428e771376976d24a883c6c80f6c4ac *309 Crossroads.flac
b504627f50bcaead953ac7cb22d02a61 *310 Limelight.flac
e5af1bcabc3991889da341538dd46f37 *311 Outro.flac

Hollywood Bowl 04 Back.jpg
Hollywood Bowl 04 Front.jpg
Hollywood Bowl 04 Inside.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

   (Audio - 7)


Producers Notes

Taper: Bob S.

Location: Stage right /center row 30

Gear: B&K cardioids> M1 DAT w/custom preamp 6db roll off @120hz

Mastering: DA60 DAT> Yamaha O3D mixer> Audigy Platinum> Sound Forge 7

Processing: EQ slope at 80hz 6db >durrough mutiband compressor thresh ?12

4.1 comp @ 180hz > mastering compressor 2:1 thresh ?6

There were no changes to the set list compared to the rest of the tour. The recording overall is really good. So everyone is aware, at this show I celebrated my birthday at this show. I was with a bunch of friends and I drank quite a bit, and there is a bit more audible banter on the recording than normal. It?s mostly between tracks.

As usual trade as freely as you wish. PLEASE don?t redistribute in MP3


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