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Heart Full Of Soul In Chicago


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: DigitalMan Productions: DMP-001
Source: Audience
Date: June 05, 2004
July 30, 2003
Location: Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA
Downsview Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Intro   1:02
R30 Overture   6:38
The Spirit of Radio   5:01
Force Ten   4:43
Animate   5:48
Subdivisions   6:13
Earthshine   5:53
Red Barchetta   6:50
Roll the Bones   6:05
Bravado   6:09
YYZ   4:48
The Trees   5:37
The Seeker   3:49
One Little Victory   6:31

Darn That Dragon Intro   4:17
Tom Sawyer   5:08
Dreamline   5:08
The Secret Touch   7:33
Between the Wheels   6:21
Mystic Rythms   5:38
Red Sector A   5:13
O Baterista   8:14

Resist   4:31
Heart Full of Soul   2:49
2112 Overture - The Temples of Syrinx - Grand Finale   8:16
La Villa Strangiato   9:02
By-Tor & the Snowdog   4:44
Xanadu   6:51
Working Man   5:30
Summertime Blues   4:48
Crossroads   3:14
Limelight   4:53
Outro   1:13
*Bonus - Paint it Black   1:09
*Bonus - The Spirit of Radio   5:23

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ddff03201daa3a7db1b1562c3e34289c *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d1t08.shn
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7b31e45630cbeb0ee8cd16882aa54612 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d1t13.shn
0fcda9222296ca016bc88a9628184e0a *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d1t14.shn
189d004bedba8f4401561aed8c5180ef *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d2t01.shn
8a96ef2495509249379b50456dcd90e9 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d2t02.shn
9df0345ade18d66b91f115163160a185 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d2t03.shn
df819203caa43bac6c02988e12970f32 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d2t04.shn
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2d6bbc30c34bf2e56bbfd6823472e5c3 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d2t06.shn
4dcdcd6a1b06de35852746b5b2cdc6ec *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d2t07.shn
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2a4867a362b19198b1f5599696cd425d *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t01.shn
20cd82a20750a7fe68132b73d15142df *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t02.shn
8743c9ce941f1d617f98fb700d7ac0c4 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t03.shn
e107df3c708e74c729104cf1c61f9aac *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t04.shn
58705de6085ff780703974cfc598f915 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t05.shn
739d78f863feb9fe3ce6ba3146651100 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t06.shn
a1e441a8e5eaeccb7be017e8d3e24473 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t07.shn
2c8a4d2813455d72dc40f5da68014df9 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t08.shn
3df1161a6f11759eeb142270f13d3e76 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t09.shn
8f4377de2bd1d1a177e64391942a2ab2 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t10.shn
29f67533975ecc09c5943012035dc071 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t11.shn
7d333a9872a48c996be07f2e11330698 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t12.shn
f72cd7ef8589bac9efafa354abfb9391 *RUSH-20040605-HFoS-d3t13.shn

2004.06.05 Heart Full Of Soul In Chicago Fatboy.jpg
2004.06.05 Heart Full Of Soul In Chicago Thumb.jpg
2004.06.05 Heart Full Of Soul In Chicago Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.333333333333333

   (Audio - 7.5)

Tapers Notes: This is my first production.? Equipment: Archos Jukebox Recorder 2

Security was tight & I had to be creative to get the equipment into the venue. I was in Sec 204 Row MM (second row in second section Seat 21) just off center. It was light out in the beginning of the show. There was a security guard just in front of the 2 drunk guys getting loud & acting up in front of me messing up my cover & attracting security. Parts of the first set get slightly muffled due to security ducking the mic but it is very much listenable. Give this show a chance, it gets much better after the first CD.

Darkness starts to set in during the second set so the sound gets much better being able to hold the mic up higher. During the beginning of "The Secret Touch" I politely asked one of the drunk guys in front of me to please be quiet that I was taping. He said "I'll shut the fu*k up" A few times after that they got loud again & I just patted them firmly & briskly on the back & they were quiet again.

All in all this is a very good show to listen to, the mix was a bit boomy that night so you may have to adjust your system when listening to it. I would have to rate it VG+ or EX- 7.5 due to the slightly muffled at times 1st set. The show is complete & a must have especially if you were there. It's very stressful to sneak equipment into a venue, especially the Tweeter Center in Chicago & tape a show not to mention the thoughts of getting busted without stressing about it.

As always, this unauthorized recording of the show is by fans for fans & should NEVER EVER be sold! Keep free trading alive. If someone tries to sell you this show, DO NOT BUY IT! It is available on the Internet for free trade.

A special thanks to Rapscallion for his awesome artwork! And to BUMBLEBEE PRODUCTIONS for use of Bonus Track material!

I hope you enjoy this show!

DigitalMan    (2004-10-11)

   (Audio - 7.5)

HFoS takes you in the ?heart? of the crowd on this first release by DIGITALMAN PRODUCTIONS. With his first effort, DMP captures what it is really like to be like at a typical Chicago concert ? lots of security, and lots of loud, obnoxiously rude fans (a small exception to the sometimes overwhelmingly gracious crowd.) Unfortunately, HFoS had to be in the middle of everything, and some loss of quality had to be the result. However on the other hand it was something like the night of Different Stages (this is the same venue as DS ? Chicago portion). There was a lot of excitement in the air. You could feel the ?vibe?. I was just as excited about the show as the next guy, and HFoS captures exactly what the crowd was like. They come in loud and clear!!! Especially the obviously intoxicated fans in front of the taper, whom (unfortunately) where grabbing the attention of security. Due to several vulgar ?outbursts? early on, DMP obviously had to do some concealment maneuvers to avoid ?getting busted.? Luckily, DMP does an average job (and above average several times when things were ?quiet?), and Rush comes clearly through. On this night, Geddy was suffering from a mild cold, and his voice is not as ?crisp? as usual. Neil did some experimenting with his solo and Alex broke a string, and there were some miscues. Alex?s rant during LaVilla was hilarious, as he gave a poor review of a movie he had seen. ?Can?t they make any interesting movies anymore?? And thought that ninjas on the Titanic would have made Titanic a movie better. Also on this particular night, Rush played host to Chicago Cub radio announcer, Chip Carrey, and Cub pitcher, Matt Clement who were in attendance. Neil?s wife, Carrie Nuttall was spotted outside taking a ride on a black BMW motorcycle. HFoS sounds a bit distant, most likely caused by the location of the taper (within the pavilion, but under the skyboxes where the resonance of the acoustics flatten out). Discs two and three improve in quality. Do not take the first disc for the rest of the performance. It does get much better. I recommend HFoS be played at high volumes, and maybe a little tweak to some EQing (sounds a bit boomy ? not the tapers fault ? the acoustics in that section lack) to bring out the mids and highs. HFoS is an average release (there's worse out there) and I rate HFoS, a 6.5 to 7.5. HFoS is a fun show, and should make its way into your bootleg collection. The two bonus tracks, courtesy of BumbleBee Productions, compliment HFoS nicely. ?Paint it Black? is an appropriate inclusion for this anniversary/cover tour. For that, I appreciate! Nice touch! This DMP release should not reflect the quality of other DMP releases.    (2005-02-02)

   (Audio - 7)


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