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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 59:59, 54:16
Catalog: Duley Digital: DD-R900425-A
Source: audience (unknown gen)
Date: April 25, 1990
Location: Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

Force Ten   5:13
Freewill   3:59
Distant Early Warning   4:19
Time Stand Still   6:07
Subdivisions   5:24
Marathon   6:34
Red Barchetta   6:47
Superconductor   5:15
Show Don?t Tell   6:27
The Pass   4:57
Closer To The Heart   4:57

Manhattan Project   5:07
Xanadu   6:48
YYZ   3:10
Drum Solo   5:56
Scars   4:12
War Paint   5:52
Mission   5:32
Tom Sawyer   6:21
The Spirit Of Radio   4:48
2112: Overture   3:19
La Villa Strangiato (cut)   4:11

25aa3465d746c56c41195e69ccdadac9 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t02.shn
007de11f18675df10069d2ab41dec18c *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t03.shn
d99f9730c4fd5fcc7668317510bb4f77 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t04.shn
9fb47c2d3acc048a9a4b18f3b116b382 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t05.shn
4de49b0dbac5eca852288985fcf6d584 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t06.shn
b72c46dcdf327909267dbfdd2c82360e *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t07.shn
3cd33a751d29be7cdddc33dbdf5438b7 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t08.shn
c97ad462e221d1121602692e3e6deedc *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t09.shn
4966bce40a9053430911d28ebdee96d3 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t10.shn
83dd318f4d5c5398b7231ac16641ae67 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t11.shn
61badad9b6e57d037d1a10e00101c04f *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t01.shn
fb82e6bbcb2ca2363ca2e1881db09f51 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t02.shn
c61a908c443405a49dbaf61f93d0b8ec *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t03.shn
1ff9abb03f5a44594d0d2f75cf0125c5 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t04.shn
e82c7ddc42c7cdf21f5e97a59734d3a7 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t05.shn
43c7594a6668ccaaa5914e388c43cdb0 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t06.shn
c62a240798970ab5cc1de6cfff8b2ee6 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t07.shn
eb4272f0737b99609d62eb1af01261eb *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t08.shn
5cebf89f5d5b691a4ba44c4b3306e3f4 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t09.shn
2071f905f5cf210ddd0a260c74a073a1 *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t10.shn
ece816581c2f4d5234b544ddf8196e6b *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d2t11.shn
c0a1808e2f18a3582f5c25ddd52d783a *Rush_1990-04-25_DueReflection_d1t01.shn

Rush DueReflection Front.jpg
Rush DueReflection Rear.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.75

   (Audio - 7.5)

This is a decent sounding audience recording from the Presto tour. Just before Subdivisions, Geddy confirms this is the 2nd night at the Meadowlands, clearing up any doubt as to the exact date of this recording. While I am uncertain what gen the recording is, it sounds to be low gen, as there was very little tape hiss despite the source tape being a Normal Bias TDK D120 cassette. Also, the highend was still pretty clear. Thus, I am of the opinion the source tape was low gen. However, you can be the judge. So why release a show where the gen info is unknown? Well, I haven't seen this date on anyone's
list before, so it was not in common circulation, and I felt there would be some completists that would like to add it to their collection.

Regardless of what gen the tape is, it is still decent sounding recording. The first track is muffled, but by the end of the track the sound has cleared quite a bit. The sound seems to get a bit better as the show goes on. I listened to this recording in my headphones, and found it good to?listen to. There are better recordings from this tour, but there are worse as well.

In the style of the Ron's Vault Releases, I've chosen to release this show as a basically raw source. I did clean up the tape flips so the show flows more smoothly. I also evened out the sound levels?of the left and right channels, and normalized, but applied no noise reduction and no EQ. The artwork I prepared is fairly basic as well.

One final note is that from where the tape flips were located, it is evident that the original tapes were 90 minute cassettes. My copy came on a 120 minute tape. My source was cut near the end of La Villa Strangiato, and In the Mood is missing. I'm guessing that the master tape would have the full recording, but was cut when putting on the 120 minute cassette.



   (Audio - 6)


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