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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 70:29, 59:44
Catalog: Rons Vault Release: RVR004
Source: Audience (1st Gen)
Date: June 27, 1992
Location: Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, Wisconsin, USA

Force Ten   3:59
Limelight   4:24
Freewill   4:06
Distant Early Warning   4:30
Time Stand Still   5:34
Dreamline   6:05
Bravado   6:29
Roll the Bones   6:33
SDT Intro   1:06
Show Don't Tell   5:05
The Big Money   6:10
Ghost of a Chance   6:05
Vital Signs   4:52
The Analog Kid   5:31

The Trees   5:15
Where's My Thing   5:34
The Rhythm Method   8:10
Closer to the Heart   4:45
Xanadu   6:40
Superconductor   5:04
TS Intro   0:34
Tom Sawyer   5:23
The Spirit of Radio   4:51
Overture   3:21
Finding My Way   2:06
La Villa Strangiato   2:54
Anthem   1:43
Red Barchetta   1:33
The Spirit of Radio/Cygnus X-1   1:51

Rons Vault Release 4 Thumbnail.jpg
Rons Vault Release 4 Back Tray.jpg
Rons Vault Release 4 Cover Foldout.jpg
Rons Vault Release 4 Disc1.jpg
Rons Vault Release 4 Disc2.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.75

Ron Smetek
   (Audio - 7)

This lovely audience source was newly unearthed by John Amato earlier this year, and he kindly offered it up for use as an RVR show. Note that this is not another version of the scanner recording that already exists for this date, but a completely different recording entirely.

The sound here is nice and full, if slightly distant. As you can tell, it holds its own nicely with other recordings from this leg of the RTB tour.

As with the other volumes of these releases, the goal is 100% preservation. This means that I have done nothing to alter the sound of this recording, and I'm passing it on exactly as it came to me. Please keep it this way, and do not remaster this recording.

Special thanks to John Amato for the source and Dan Eckert for the artwork.   (2004-09-09)

   (Audio - 6.5)

Pretty nice sounding show overall. Theres a couple of very minor gaps the first being at d1t1 1.17, this one I think is just the taper getting settled in. The other two are most likey tape flips between d1t10>d1t11, and d2t4>5. There barley noticeable and not to distracting at all.   (2004-11-02)

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