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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 77:14, 45:36, 56:24
Catalog: Rusherman Productions: RMP052604
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: May 26, 2004
Location: Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, Tennessee, USA

Intro   2:36
Finding My Way   1:05
Anthem   1:35
Bastille Day   0:46
Passage to Bangkok   1:09
Cygnus X-1   1:12
Hemispheres   0:42
Spirit of Radio   5:00
Force Ten   4:47
Animate   5:56
Subdivisions   6:30
Earthshine   5:53
Red Barchetta   6:51
Roll the Bones   6:07
Bravado   6:12
YYZ   4:46
The Trees   6:07
The Seeker   3:27
One Little Victory   6:26

Dragon Battle   3:12
Tom Sawyer   5:03
Dreamline   5:02
The Secret Touch   7:29
Between the Wheels   5:54
Mystic Rhythms   5:20
Red Sector A   5:08
The Rhythm Method   8:15

Resist   4:24
Heart Full of Soul   2:47
2112: Overture, Temples of Syrinx, Grande Finale   8:11
La Villa Strangiato   9:28
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:38
Xanadu   6:45
Working Man   6:50
Summertime Blues   3:39
Crossroads   3:11
Limelight   4:42
Outro   1:43

51f8d1e06c8862a5efee297cfd056c38 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t01.shn
5dc5f5b02b18125b0711bda4a2270b1e *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t02.shn
fb34f0cfc74892b3201f12c0f4bc21d6 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t03.shn
87b9acfc1012c11ca597260a5cf75ddb *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t04.shn
70a22ebc148de82836f8bc92549e06e0 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t05.shn
17963d0a0799b7fe97567fb7430d05c8 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t06.shn
e5d520e3cf9d542f9e541deabb2b8236 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t07.shn
fe7b3146992bc826ca542a60b45475b0 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t08.shn
47b9015b51a542f27dd099bc3aa5acc4 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t09.shn
394f6b0c800c8a682e2809fe5fce24e4 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t10.shn
9338aed18e9ec5c50d8b371f647d2ace *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t11.shn
cb14daa42dd5b0b2ce23f33c35836d47 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t12.shn
39900db062dcf3bff05007a06dca4199 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t13.shn
65488dd022249ee3d0ee06142b588b6e *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t14.shn
9dd79a88836e117f213313452d085299 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t15.shn
79e81c3d9a10936c29ac694d472416d2 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t16.shn
4d1f3bd157ac022dd7cba3b627ef96b5 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t17.shn
cc2d47ea1317217b81c124ad1d9964ac *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t18.shn
0b7903d673af278d2402daf16b88a98b *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d1t19.shn

2f50195419fd5b55faa547143b8ff92b *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d2t01.shn
e7eba81eed10f83fed5074d110acb6ad *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d2t02.shn
df35c3731c6ec7e8353396a361688054 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d2t03.shn
348a55a23e216396d34fe3444f1d70dc *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d2t04.shn
e728279037614f31cd8c5ce534e5ad5c *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d2t05.shn
28c3afec891462799c3e60b7c4218128 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d2t06.shn
35cac451e4a4d11b88756b47f0c6cfa2 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d2t07.shn
cf98d79274f4536b610a974a940adacb *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d2t08.shn

400b78b72ff63fd18d199716943765a5 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t01.shn
fd9c213b877159779319a87df653d46a *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t02.shn
b76ee30d0c199d7b5bb583453061f1dd *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t03.shn
ecfca2d5b879b13f6cd8f4726d4da378 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t04.shn
1a4d713d7eb9d9f279cafb1527a9dd97 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t05.shn
4f557d81c5a6ba1a039d25a9c9c5d596 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t06.shn
aa4dab578d8f49d2a0256fc6c3964ee0 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t07.shn
79be8624d696adb01b9b1d0568a0de92 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t08.shn
c1ae1925b4589aaac01a477210a7ce50 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t09.shn
11879caeb35b9df0b438077ea9e387d4 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t10.shn
4e310e706230d5e16e08932e5a9dcfd2 *Rush_2004-05-26_3Do3S_d3t11.shn

Rush 3 Decades of 3 Stooges BACK.jpg
Rush 3 Decades of 3 Stooges FRONT.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5


Production Notes:? Some minor EQ adjustment. There's no cuts or any other problems. Limited venue acoustics, (from being so close i guess) sound's firm, tight sound.?? The show starts off a little bit rough from the excited fans around me. I just kept quiet ,although i wanted to go nuts as well. The good thing was that this only goes on for about the 1st 7 to 9 minutes & Isn't too major a deal to some who can ignore it. By "Force Ten", after the best start of a show in a long time, the fans all seemed to calm down. I think this sounds better than any VT show i did & the mix in this venue was just so nice as well. I was 12th row & about 10 seats to the right give or take from dead center. I know it's another Nashville but I hope you all get a chance to check this out , the few that have really made me glad i made the trip & hearing the other 2 sources, WOW ! They both are excellent , "Great Job" !!!!!!!!!!!! Marc & Joe.

You can find this show & the artwork in all the usual places , all has been uploaded. Enjoy & ?btw, I only waited this long since the 2 that were out there were just so good.    (2004-09-09)

Bruder Gottfried
   (Audio - 8.5)

When I listen to that recording, I have to ask myself, what could have been done better. I found nothing. The complete Sound is fantastic. When I compare this recording with the "30years strong" realese, this one is in the lead. "3 decades" combienes a crystal clear sound from the stage with a awesome live feeling. Congratulations for a master piece and the first realese on Rusherman Production. This one ROCKS.    (2004-09-17)

   (Audio - 8.5)

EX-   (2005-09-05)

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