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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 64:56, 64:50
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: Digital Reproduction
Source: Audience (1st gen VHS)
Date: June 01, 1992
Location: Lawlor Events Center, Reno, Nevada, USA

Intro   0:45
Force Ten   4:42
Limelight   4:19
Freewill   4:04
Distant Early Warning   4:27
Time Stand Still   6:13
Dreamline   5:04
Bravado   6:36
Roll The Bones   6:15
Show Don't Tell   6:16
The Big Money   6:09
Vital Signs   4:44
The Analog Kid   5;16

Ghost Of A Chance   5:47
The Trees   4:50
Where's My Thing?   5:30
The Rhythm Method   7:44
Closer To The Heart   4:41
Xanadu   6:41
Superconductor   5:05
Tom Sawyer   6:06
The Spirit Of Radio   4:46
2112: Overture   3:19
Finding My Way   2:05
La Villa Strangiato   3:15
Anthem   1:44
Red Barchetta   1:34
The Spirit Of Radio (Reprise)   0:47
Cygnus X-1   0:51

f344259cc08b01b66725def13c5c3ed4 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t01.shn
3368650f54f937cf7a7940621c197ab3 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t02.shn
42ab9ce8a989f6c60a514fefdc9fa9c8 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t03.shn
a9732e587a88729a2ffffef2cf6762ca *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t04.shn
75c192eaf0e9d42cc26adee91f0ce732 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t05.shn
9b62cedfa2c9ba3ec209eb19a4ab4955 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t06.shn
efd9f7d9f43511cb8fb699ae2d19a595 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t07.shn
867756dfdd2f2d52ce915a2a837d0688 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t08.shn
a9a84ee3e5e1358dba4470bfeb522d2d *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t09.shn
727c968af51657a2050bc047215f2c4d *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t10.shn
159a8475dea40e2d2a52f42c57566f84 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t11.shn
0643bdc9e67015284f47af9f404be05d *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t12.shn
250dbf0c26e4f329e38dbf0713b89dfd *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d1t13.shn

7342eb8678fcdc5c9287f6d04b434610 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t01.shn
5a134e49bd5bfded56b119323fc50122 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t02.shn
6842608b98059cff1aef6048bba45757 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t03.shn
13a0cafc5f2cfaef1dfeacdbe9c5e911 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t04.shn
4e8e336ca6881ca1c4fd7d721598ffe5 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t05.shn
bffc9bc2295f79ecb0e54a007ff906d5 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t06.shn
2fab174d848bc97f5b440a4dd8a0bbb7 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t07.shn
157cd95f720fb1115fb587fc233659a7 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t08.shn
99bc8f0326d52f5faeb5f8aff1ee1623 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t09.shn
7eb866e0d1c0342789a6d73ff80be23e *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t10.shn
287ae6092e7cfc1a88b3af6998b60e9a *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t11.shn
d3131a9ca0a54dfd7c0816da7be19ddb *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t12.shn
158df26173c638f82fc0fd684c60c166 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t13.shn
c973db34e7ea3923635f17c89e521e89 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t14.shn
27a5add854a9b2522436292bc46dce98 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t15.shn
8f612af8f893e908a8fb2b2c826cc213 *Rush_1992-06-01_LtC_d2t16.shn

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Average Rating:Audio: 8

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8)

A very nice sounding show taken from a 1st gen VHS copy of the video. This is a virtually complete show from the second leg of the North American RtB tour. Thus, fans got the rare treat of hearing "Vital Signs", "The Analog Kid" and "The Trees" being reintroduced to the set list. The very beginning of "tSoR" is faded in and there are a few minor cuts here and there (1/7s). The boys have a few interesting problems during the show, one of which is pretty evident at the beginning of "The Big Money" where the vocal effect gets triggered too early. The sound is very consistent throughout the show given the location of the filmer to the speaker stacks. The high end is quite detailed and the bass has good impact and clarity. However, there is a little "crispyness" to the audio from time to time that prevent it from being rated higher. This audio release is the CD companion to the DVD release from the same source. Once again, special thanks to NW for providing the source used and so many other sources over the years. A round of applause to Daneck for the artworks. As with all Digital Reproductions releases this is for free trade or blank media trade only. Please help keep the spirit of free trade alive and well.    (2004-08-24)

   (Audio - 8)


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