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Media: 1 SVCD Video
Time: 40:48
Catalog: Duley Digital: DD-R030730-S
Source: Proshot
Date: July 30, 2003
October 09, 1974
Location: Downsview Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert

Much More Music Concert Info Intro
Interview with Alex and Geddy
CBC Coverage Intro
Dreamline (cut)
DJ Comments
YYZ (cut)
DJ Comments
The Spirit of Radio
DJ Comments
CBC News Concert Recap
Best I Can
In the Mood
Finding My Way

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I had mixed feelings before sitting down to edit and put together this release. I had captured the Much More Music, and CBC coverage of the Rush portion of the Sarstock festival, but each channel was only able to legally broadcast a maximum of 2 full songs from each artist. Unfortunately, each channel showed the same two songs. MMM did also broadcast snippets of 3 other songs. Thus, I was left with 2 full Rush songs, plus shorter clips of 3 other songs. Most people from outside of Canada had not been able to watch, so I wanted to share. However, it was likely that the full feed would surface someday, making any work I did irrelevant.

Thus, I embarked on this project with the object of adding some extras that might make it worthwhile watching even if a full feed became available in the future. To give it some -"added value" I included the initial few minutes of the MMM coverage in which they discuss the purpose of the concert, and do a short segment on the SARS disease. I also included the interview that MMM did with Alex and Geddy the day before the concert, that included short snippets of their rehearsal (Alex playing in shorts and all). I then include the concert footage, and then after that the CBC news footage of that evening giving a recap on the festival.

The concert footage shown by both CBC and MMM of the two full songs was edited to flow together when broadcast, even though Limelight and Freewill were not played sequentially at the show. I felt it made more sense to show the songs in the order they occurred, so I edited the videos in such a way that they all play in correct order.

You will note that the full song videos are from the CBC broadcast, while the partial songs are from the MMM coverage. This is because I found the picture on the CBC broadcast to be sharper and clearer. You will note the difference where I spliced the two feeds between Limelight and Dreamline. I thought it more important to have the clearest picture available when possible, even if this resulted in a change of logos at the bottom of the screen occasionally.

Between a couple of the Rush songs, there is some footage of DJ's interviewing concert goers. This footage was not included gratuitously. If you listen, you will hear that Rush is playing in the background. I have indexed the SVCD so that you can quickly skip the audience interviews and get straight to the Proshot stuff if you wish, by pressing the "next" button.

Featured as bonus material is Rush's 1974 appearance on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. This was not just something I decided to throw on for the heck of it. I've actually been sitting on this tape for a while, but never released it on its own, due to its short 12 minute length. It wouldn't make much of a release on its own. Thus, where I had space on this disc, figured it would be a nice place to include it, thus giving the viewer a chance to see what Rush looks like today, and then look back (in the rearview mirror, so to speak) some 30 years to when Rush was starting, to see the contrast in style. Watching Alex ham it up on the guitar, and Neil pounds the drums, while Geddy screams is very interesting, and sometimes just funny to watch. (Check out the clothes) The video I have is obviously a few gens down the line, but still much better than anything else I've come across to date for this show. I'm sure there are people with better quality copies, but they don't seem to be trading them out too much.? This is quite clear to watch, and sounds pretty decent as well, for something this old. Thanks to Jeff H for the source tape.

The final question that needs to be answered is, "Why SVCD? Why not DVD, or why not VCD?

My reasoning is this. I expect that a video of the full Rush SARSStock performance will be available in the future, and would make a more worthwhile DVD release. My release is more of a curiosity than a full show to watch. Thus I thought that a DVD release would be overkill.

However, the broadcast footage I captured DID look pretty good. I did capture it from a satellite broadcast, (which is broadcast in mpeg format) so there is some minor pixelation in the original broadcast, yet it still looks pretty nice on TV. I did a sample VCD encode, and there was just too much quality lost. A VCD is encoded at a bit rate of 1140. I encoded this in SVCD format near the maximum bitrate of 2400. A SVCD at this bit rate approaches DVD in visual quality. Because of the higher bitrate, this 40+ minute SVCD just about fills up an 80 minute CDR. Thus, you get close to the video quality of a DVD, yet the ease and inexpense of copying on CDR. Just keep in mind the technical aspects of the SVCD format that I mentioned in the technical notes.

This release may not be for everyone, but I expect there will be some people who will enjoy it for the historical perspective it provides.    (2003-08-30)

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