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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 59:00, 59:14
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-10191-9
Source: Audience (Master + 2nd Gen)
Date: November 01, 1991
Location: Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Illinois, USA

Intro   0:48
Force Ten   4:45
Limelight   4:23
Freewill   4:03
Distant Early Warning   4:30
Time Stand Still   6:15
Dreamline   5:05
Bravado   6:47
Roll The Bones   6:06
Show Don't Tell   6:16
The Big Money   6:06
Subdivisions   3:48

The Pass   5:24
Where's My Thing?   5:11
The Rhythm Method   7:03
Closer to the Heart   5:00
Xanadu   6:41
Superconductor   5:05
Tom Sawyer   6:36
The Spirit Of Radio   4:53
2112: Overture   3:21
Finding My Way   2:07
La Villa Strangiato   3:19
Anthem   1:42
Red Barchetta   1:34
The Spirit Of Radio (Reprise)   1:10

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RTB A Chicago Dreamline Back.jpg
RTB A Chicago Dreamline Front Thumbnail.jpg
RTB A Chicago Dreamline Front.jpg
RTB A Chicago Dreamline Tray.jpg
RTB A Chicago Dreamline.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7.5)

This show is taken from the original master tapes, and it sounds pretty good. Nice balance to the instruments, good low end and high end extension. The crowd is loud and noisy, but not annoying or disruptive to the recording itself. The songs that were deleted from the master (see tapers notes) have been replaced by an alternate 2nd gen source from the same show. The alternate source, while closer to the stage, isn't nearly as clear, hence the lower rating for that section. "Show Don't Tell" through half way during "The Pass" are from the 2nd gen source. The rest is the master source. All in all a great sounding early RtB tour show from an enthusiastic venue of fans. Thanks to Admiral Nelson for lending us this great source. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade or blank media trade only. Please don't buy or sell, help keep the spirit of trading alive and well.

Taper's Notes

This show was my first successful Rush concert recording. It's hardly perfect compared to the other great audience recordings that are out there. Overall, I would consider this recording slightly above average in terms of sound dynamics and balance. In general, the recording sounds a little distant and muddy at times due to the fact that I was recording from the balcony on this night. However, this recording does have moments of sonic greatness. Several actually, The crowd is fairly reasonable in terms of direct yelling and screaming near the microphone. Since it was early in the RtB tour, the performance of some of the songs is rough and aggressive while others are more refined sounding. The performance of "Where's My Thing" as well as the encore set really stand out. The crowd is really full of electricity on this night. During several songs the crowd is really getting into it by singing and screaming.

Making this recording really got things rolling for me from a concert recording standpoint. I recorded this show with brand new equipment purchased just a few weeks before the show. I used a Sony WM-D6C Professional Walkman with a Sony ECM-909 single point stereo microphone. In order to obtain the highest level of audio quality I used Sony Metal Master 90 minute cassettes (w/ceramic composite shells) and recorded with Dolby C NR "ON". The ECM-909 was set t 120 degrees (stereo separation). For those familiar with the Rosemont Horizon (now called the Allstate Arena) I was seated in section 214 row G seat 3. A fairly decent balcony seat for doing taping.
About 10 years (to the day) a 3rd or 4th generation version of this recording unfortunately leaked out to an Italian bootleg CD company (Invisible Passion) and resulted in the infamous LIVE ONE / LIVE TWO double bootleg CD. I was crushed when I saw this released and selling for $50 a pop at record shows. Needless to say my trading procedures (and the people I traded with) changed drastically.?

Due to a tape alignment / jamming issue, approximately 3.5 songs (Show Don't Tell through The Pass) got corrupted during the original taping. I procured a second independent source of this same show several weeks after the concert. However, the LIVE ONE / LIVE TWO CD was released with these songs missing. The corrupted tracks can now be replaced by the tracks from this alternate source thus creating a complete Chicago show.

   (Audio - 7.5)

Nice sounding show!!! I've had One/Two for few years and always thought that it sounded pretty good, but thanks to Admiral Nelson, we now have the master source (with fillers from an alternate source for the songs he missed). This is quite early in the tour and the boys sound like they are still finding their groove. I really like the RTB tour mainly due to few songs: Dreamline, Freewill, Bravado (extended AND varying guitar solos) and the extended intro to Subdivision. AVAILABLE FOR FREE THROUGH TRADING. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS RECORDING, AS IT CAN BE OBTAINED FOR THE COST OF BLANK CDRS & POSTAGE.

   (Audio - 8)

Chicago, 1991, ah, I remember it well.

I remember seeing the recording Live One, Live Two. I was very excited and picked it up immediately; afterall, it was a show I attended. There is something special about having a recording of a performance you attended, at least to me. Having said that I recall listening to Live One, Live Two and feeling disappointed. It has been some time since I have listened to those discs but I recall the recording being good but sounding kindda flat or dull or dry or something. It also seemed like there was something else wrong but I couldn?t put my finger on it, stupid me it would all come clear years later.

Fast-forward to 2001, ten years later ! DR releases A Chicago Dreamline. After reading the tapers notes it becomes painfully clear what I could not think of all those years earlier. The show was not complete, a couple songs were missing. Live One, Live Two also was several generations along, which might account for the sound just not being as vibrant or colorful as one would like. I must admit I did not get A Chicago Dreamline immediately. I read about what an improvement it was but I was in no hurry. I have read about great recordings just to be disappointed and after the Live One, Live Two disappointment . . . well, I guess I just did not want to be let down again. Note: I was NOT let down when I finally received A Chicago Dreamline.

Now that I have A Chicago Dreamline I must say it is leaps and bounds above Live One, Live Two. It is a a terrific recording. To have the complete performance. To have a recording that sounds this good. Well . . . I just don?t know what to say. I guess . . . thank you. Thank you taper and thank you DR. Thank you Ken too (he is the one who gave me my copy). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With all this praise you may ask yourself . . . is this a soundboard or flawless recording ? Is there none better ? Well, no, this is not a flawless recording and there certainly are better recordings; but not of Chicago, 1991 ! If you want the best RTB recording go with Garden Road or Vital Dreams but if you want a really really nice sounding recording . . . Chicago . . . high energy performance . . . you?ve got to get this recording.

As a side note this concert was originally October 31st. I worked at a College Radio Station at the time, I remember it as if it was yesterday. I use to call Anthem on a daily basis. I so desperately wanted to interview one of the members for my show, never happened. When this show was first announced it was October 31st. I called Anthem and asked if anything special was going to be planned for the Halloween performance in Chicago. I recall so clearly the lady, I think her name was Peggy, becoming very confused and stumbling and she said she would have to talk with me later. Within a day or two suddenly the date was November 1st. I recall wondering if I uncovered a timing conflict as another date was scheduled for October 31st or if it was all a huge coincident.

Oh, well, great show to have ! Sound: EX-.

Aramis K. Vidaurre Álvarez
   (Audio - 7)

This is a fair audience recording, with a distant sound but a great ambiance. From the audience’s reaction, you can tell that Alex is having a great night. What is interesting about ACD is that you can hear the bass, contrary to other AUD boots. Some adjustments might get you a different range to appreciate Geddy’s notes (at least during the first part of cd1). “Limelight” and “Freewill” raise the temperature; with “Bravado” the audience chills out and gets back on track with “Roll the Bones”, which is welcomed as if it were an all-time classic; from “Show Don’t Tell” ACD tells a different story: the instruments are more distant, which makes the recording sound poor. You can perfectly rate it as 5 or 4. Everything is back to normal with “Where’s My Thing?” The audience reacts greatly during “The Spirit of Radio” and “2112 Overture”.    (2009-04-07)

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