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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 69:45, 49:04, 45:40
Catalog: Sirius Records: SIR0920/0921/0922
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Date: October 15, 2002
Location: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Three Stooges   0:52
Tom Sawyer   4:58
Distant Early Warning   4:58
New World Man   4:11
Roll The Bones   6:40
Earthshine   5:44
YYZ   4:56
The Pass   5:09
Bravado   6:22
The Big Money   6:17
The Trees   5:18
Freewill   5:35
Natural Science   8:45

One Little Victory   6:14
Driven   5:16
Ghost Rider   6:05
Secret Touch   7:05
Dreamline   5:21
Red Sector A   5:20
Leave That Thing Alone   4:59
Drum Solo   8:44

Resist   4:56
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:54
Limelight   4:35
La Villa Strangiato   9:49
The Spirit of Radio   5:48
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:46
Cygnus X-1   3:14
Working Man   5:38

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8ff4c838ccd52368b8c1eb40b6f14deb *d1t03.shn
e3e3fc9a2248c48e57da25c121428c62 *d1t04.shn
2d9f750f57affb37e2df2d3c784c6c76 *d1t05.shn
f2556d7ab5245d738eafbdb6ad80dab5 *d1t06.shn
7be0744ab0be767fcb2323b93b073077 *d1t07.shn
0948506cfee9a6e167e7242eb796172d *d1t08.shn
23d42197680a52ad604b230c5bde0b7a *d1t09.shn
70dfa69e5f367dbee2a374670e9fe2a2 *d1t10.shn
bc5d68946eb075ff103a279476c9ba98 *d1t11.shn
716dc44e3ecf6328bc77c2c856492b3d *d1t12.shn
64f638b106bfeb5620f441ee2d8c1fa1 *d1t13.shn

f4c38a022aefdbe674f99091aaafc76b *d2t01.shn
bd316eab9483fbccd6209afc2dd590a7 *d2t02.shn
f4f23e553d295fd2824a91e0aeba5eb6 *d2t03.shn
86e5ba33de7d35d368bf71519f9ae507 *d2t04.shn
aa1e94b30e6d517ca2bbd868be9d84c8 *d2t05.shn
a4627032544be90e9f9b6527c9c87b6d *d2t06.shn
aff0b18f1d4ad70ef2d388e1b42034d0 *d2t07.shn
e5b6fcda00380ef3dd45a25b6815565b *d2t08.shn

5b16937246eff01204ce95b0e4e605f8 *d3t01.shn
4cecf34ab242a04d94ae79838b33eb49 *d3t02.shn
309b2017bc1b6b6c5a1f55c94f4a1ef1 *d3t03.shn
84fc7ab8134e3a9457616998561a9c00 *d3t04.shn
1c9ab092651b4becd96f64c73bf0ba93 *d3t05.shn
6921b1b490e69cb3abd9979f096a67a7 *d3t06.shn
b0fe30ae55e0c52c86fbdd1fb8a3437a *d3t07.shn
dcfe7ea8443e2b72373315bf3ae82a1d *d3t08.shn

VT Feeling Unlimited Back.jpg
VT Feeling Unlimited Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Feeling Unlimited Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8

Taper's Notes
   (Audio - 8)

Even bigger THANK YOU goes out to Joe and the Sirius gang for putting this together and mastering it. I was extremely pleased with the sound on this one, and it really mirrors what I heard at the show (a rock solid EX-, maybe better). I was a little over 1/2 back on the floor, but this venue is smaller than most arenas so that wasn\'t that far back. Dead center and in the sweet spot for sure. The only thing is the bass at times isn\'t as clear as what I heard that night, and man it was CLEAN and killer. Best of the tour for me. Overall a really fun show and the crowd totally killed. Al treated us to his singing during La Villa and its pretty funny (after the rant). This has my favorite version of Tom Sawyer because there is a guy at the 4 min mark that does this "woo hoo" at just the right part of the music and it gives me goose bumps EVERY TIME I hear it (like I was back there again). Enjoy everyone!

Source: AT933 Cardioid >SP Battery Box (flat) >(line in) Sharp MD-MT877    (2003-09-09)

Sirius Records

A big THANK YOU goes out to Ninjadave for doing a fine job taping this show, and sharing it with everyone.    (2003-09-09)

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