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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 58:36, 51:37
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 21678-1
Source: Audience
Date: December 16, 1978
Location: International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Introduction   0:35
Anthem   4:19
A Passage To Bangkok   4:09
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   5:05
Xanadu   12:10
Something for Nothing   4:28
The Trees (cut)   0:14
Cygnus X-1 (cut)   5:10
Hemispheres   18:55
Closer to the Heart   3:31

Circumstances   4:17
A Farewell to Kings   5:35
La Villa Strangiato   10:07
2112   18:54
Working Man   3:16
Bastille Day   1:42
In the Mood   2:39
Drum Solo   5:07

9f4edcaaebb313ae21379abff2caff60 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t01.shn
a189fe568bb10326988ddfeaf5bcdd77 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t02.shn
fe9108fbb0bbf806a2aff7909067b913 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t03.shn
56b37e74e5ae9913236600de17d49741 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t04.shn
d10ad963516d848a9e53630bbad3feae *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t05.shn
ad2c33b8f54713b535930cd2b3ab7579 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t06.shn
9a5b4f30cde0187b717a4fc4ecffe4a5 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t07.shn
efb851b824db32bccdc3711069f85bfb *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t08.shn
5fdc26558002b02ddcdd2532fc3e049b *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t09.shn
7ad5ad9b5e106500cb154d3a09f5f4d8 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d1t10.shn 

32b9922b85c44cc16697a7faa13b0443 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d2t01.shn
0781f6ca57beb43852f31213ffeea053 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d2t02.shn
956de20aa03d16dfb2d3adf1d4290872 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d2t03.shn
d9fafbdc5731dea54ef899dfade26b4a *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d2t04.shn
429627b6e021305d725e3073cee3e28c *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d2t05.shn
d11ce0c4d8ab7cbf272a4526f85a3b2c *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d2t06.shn
42237f06a0e56d4bc348faa7f7927e13 *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d2t07.shn
8a13f7f25cb281ae1226fdaaec036b1d *rush1978-12-16_FT-PE_d2t08.shn 

HEMI Fallen Tree PE.pdf
HEMI Fallen Trees PE Back Thumbnail.jpg
HEMI Fallen Trees PE Back.jpg
HEMI Fallen Trees PE Front Thumbnail.jpg
HEMI Fallen Trees PE Front.jpg
HEMI Fallen Trees PE Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.125

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8)

Now sourced from the master, this show only gets better.? This performance had always been one of of my favorite Hemispheres shows; now it is among my favorite shows of any tour.? I just love the warm, analog mix on this recording because the sound is captured so well. The band is well balanced and well represented. The bass is very well resolved, among the best of any audience recording I've heard from the 70's.? The high end is also remarkably well represented. The crowd is nicely behaved around the taper, offering a very clear sounding recording with very minimal intrusion. But there are a few problems, according to the taper:?

On the Rush 1978, I had a 90 minute tape and a 60 minute tape. Right before the show started I inserted the 60 minute tape by mistake because I was looking for security. I was watching my watch for 40 minutes to go by before the flip. When I looked down to the recorder the end eye was lit up. That's when I noticed I put in the 60 tape first. My stomach dropped when I realized I had missed about 10 minutes of the show hence the cut song of Trees. From there on out I used only 90 minute tapes.

Equipment:? Recorder unit: Technics RS-646DS with the Teac ME-80 mics (Same mic as Nakamichi CM300). 5th row main floor right in front of the right speakers. Maxell UD-60 for first tape and UD-90 for second.

This is the reason that "The Trees" and "Cygnus X-1" get cut. There are also a couple of minor cuts in "By-Tor" and "Working Man". Other than that, this is easily one of the best audience shows of the tour and perhaps of the entire decade as well. So if you're like me and consider this the best Rush tour, you can't be without this show. No noise or hiss reduction was used on this production.? A hearty thanks go out to R. B. for allowing us to remaster this wonderful source.? As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.    (2003-09-29)

   (Audio - 7)

This release is an update to "Fallen Trees - Ver2.0".? The source was provided by the taper who did the tape > CDR transfer.? The sound quality is quite nice with extended dynamics in comparison to all the other versions in the trading circle.? The show starts off a bit rough with lots of channel phasing, but it does get much better as the show progresses.? Disc 2 sounds much better than Disc One for some reason, with good highs, punchy mids and overall better dynamics in the recording.? IMO, this show falls within the 2nd tier audience recordings from this era.? Recordings from Oslo '79, Vancouver '78 and Hollywood '79 are still the best of the tour.    (2003-09-29)

   (Audio - 8.5)

This is pretty good. I can't say its bad, but it has its falls. The sound is a little low, and its a little hard to hear on low, so turn it on high to hear it. The Trees and Cygnus X-1 were cut, so thats not very good, but the quality is really nice. Geddy's vocals are on fire. Its recommened highly.    (2008-11-16)

   (Audio - 9)

I love this recording! The sound is near perfection! The only problem is there are a few cuts (major in "The Trees" and "Cygnus X-1") but nothing really bad after those 2 cuts. The sound is full, bright, and I sounds a little like a soundboard, but has a better, warm, analog feel to it, and you must have it!   (2008-11-25)

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