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Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 56:05, 50:50
Catalog: Watch Tower: WT 2002079/80
Source: Soundboard
Date: December 07, 1991
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA

Intro/Force Ten   6:07
Limelight   4:21
Freewill   3:05
Distant Early Warning   5:30
Time Stand Still   6:07
Dreamline   5:07
Bravado   7:02
Roll The Bones   6:08
Show Don?t Tell   6:17
The Big Money   6:19

Ghost Of A Chance   5:53
Subdivisions   4:10
The Pass   4:53
Where?s My Thing?   5:13
The Rhythm Method   7:30
Closer To The Heart   4:47
Xanadu   6:35
Superconductor   5:11
Tom Sawyer   6:36

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RTB Big Money Meets The Big Apple Back.jpg
RTB Big Money Meets The Big Apple Front Thumbnail.jpg
RTB Big Money Meets The Big Apple Front.jpg
RTB Big Money Meets the Big Apple.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 10

   (Audio - 10)

Third installment of Rush bootlegs from Watchtower and it's a great one. Sound is fantastic with crisp highs and a nice punchy midrange presence. In July '02, Digital Reproductions released its version of this show, but from a higher (and unverified) generation source in comparison to the one used by WT. It's been rumored that WT shows are sourced from someone very close to Rush, but who knows whether these rumors are true or not. This show is from the 2nd night at the MSG (as Geddy states) and it's a good one with only few minor hiccups by Alex. The ONLY drawback to this wonderful source is the entire Encore is missing. DR's "Garden Road" represents the full show, although the sound quality is slightly lower than this source. This is a great addition to anyone's list.    (2002-08-10)

   (Audio - 10)

For me, the sound quality here is tied with Great Woods and Summer Skies for the best "sounding" soundboard out there (even though they sound very different). Great concert atmosphere, crystal clear sound, great balance between the instruments. I can't recommend this show enough based on the sound quality alone. It doesn't include the encore, but between this and the also excellent sounding "Garden Road" (also a soundboard), you have the full show.   (2004-10-17)

Jesse G.
   (Audio - 10)

Wow! <---- That's all I have to say. Absolutely fantastic show.   (2005-10-02)

Joey Crosby
   (Audio - 10)

this is another show i remember that was great , when i was scrolling threw the boots on dime , i had to get a copy of this one again , (my place burned in november) so this was a hot snag , i enjoyed listening to it , if i have various boots with me , this one is a sure hand over fist , first pick , its a good one , you dont know how it feels , to dig threw your stuff , after a fire , and find a few rush shows , they were the prize possession , i found a couple of autographed cds (non rush ) so that was cool too , i have never seen rush live before believe it or not , i have the Rio dvd and r 30 so TV is a 2nd best thing , rock on people ~ Joey Crosby    (2007-02-17)

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