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The Final Mix - Matrix


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 78:17, 79:07
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 71702-1
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Audience (MD Master)
Audience (DAT Master
Date: July 17, 2002
Location: Molson Amphitheater, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

3 Stooges Intro   0:38
Tom Sawyer   4:48
Distant Early Warning   4:54
New World Man   4:04
Roll the Bones   6:42
Earthshine   5:32
YYZ   4:56
The Pass   4:56
Bravado   6:09
The Big Money   6:21
Between Sun and Moon   4:39
Vital Signs   5:06
Natural Science   8:22
One Little Victory   5:46
Driven   5:17

Ceiling Unlimited   5:50
Secret Touch   6:57
Dreamline   5:08
Red Sector A   5:18
Leave That Thing Alone   4:53
The Rhythm Method   8:05
Resist   4:36
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx   6:45
Limelight   4:27
La Villa Strangiato   8:44
The Spirit of Radio   5:26
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:31
Cygnus X-1   3:12
Working Man   5:07

Disc 1
70cb720954a9e656c51837e14935b964 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t01.shn
ff07a9392034faf92cdc9c08299c390f *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t02.shn
4e6a3017834dfed2166917901d646922 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t03.shn
6d84328d58eb8617d14f1706760b189b *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t04.shn
99c36df3b70883215c028262fbc4ffab *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t05.shn
640e3d921828eebf670645eacf20dc1a *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t06.shn
99aea6724f0f815fe09e084f6f7f5986 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t07.shn
8d963afd60e93fbe7cca2c4854d33c38 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t08.shn
abf2a9032f34e08a7a3c2bbe97e1c1f3 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t09.shn
ca0e15dbaea66645ca6b2706e5e5e5f9 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t10.shn
af3e9e90b86650f63bb6ff0992a2c37d *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t11.shn
8daac28c1ff755d59c5e30981d851946 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t12.shn
0ac265814067acd133fa395b88bff0e2 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t13.shn
8766995a96191051de3a9b42deecbc90 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t14.shn
c5701360f8c7224fb9e58708418b1477 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d1t15.shn

Disc 2
4be212fd8842f0071ddeff6f1e3b6ccb *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t01.shn
5587269f05a5fb89ce52404f3fdacaa9 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t02.shn
79a20d8c50f2622051b08574bc702446 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t03.shn
c9290c957624c7901a64d9831a99e222 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t04.shn
7312ee019f9765ec204aedf38f04f62f *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t05.shn
b4f9d153cd79e569424bd0bbf9165053 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t06.shn
0ba4960e9f4a640f6fd7d7d3f9cffd6c *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t07.shn
62d78a65cc2571f357e1f9c9df49a04d *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t08.shn
4fecfee434911d3b1949f27019a16a5e *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t09.shn
632e6be38df922c34b5095ba92f8c370 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t10.shn
eee22a143cbaefd9af3ea8275c871742 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t11.shn
577fc4b7c74d765cc695da536235ec40 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t12.shn
4088f24f3237732fda9dd6410828cd44 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t13.shn
aa5bc58c23741900530cceecc0d51f46 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-Matrix_d2t14.shn

Rush The Final Mix matrix back.jpg
Rush The Final Mix matrix front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.666666666666666

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

Some will ask why another matrix by the same producer of the same show. Well, to be honest, because it was there. I had recently acquired a DAT master that was better sounding than the two MD sources I had from 2002. So I decided to make a DTS 5.1 cd with it. Three sources were used for this production, two are minidisc masters and the other was a DAT master. The DAT recording helps to smooth out the sound and improve the bass response of the original 2 source matrix released in 2002. Since I thought the sonic improvement was worthy of a redo, I did. The mix is fantastic and each person sounds well represented. You can definitely tell this was an amphitheater show because it really sounds like you are there. The highlights of the show are "The Rhythm Method" Alex's "Dream Sequence" which has the band and the audience in stitches. Once again, many thanks to Barb, Mark, Jason and Paul for the sources so kindly donated for this release. They do the hard work so that we can all enjoy the show. As with all Digital Reproductions release, this is for free trade or blank media trade only. Do not buy, sell or distribute for profit. Help keep the spirit of trading alive and well.    (2004-06-29)

   (Audio - 8.5)

A very good matrix! It sounds like you're at the show dead center in section 2. Its an "airy" matrix that captures the presence of an amphitheater vs. an arena show. I have not heard the other Toronto shows, but you won't be disappointed with this one. The artwork was a nice touch as well.   (2004-10-15)

Aramis K. Vidaurre A
   (Audio - 9)

This is a-first-class AUD recording. The final product is worthy. There are some minor details: in “Red Sector A”, the synthesizer is almost absent except for the sampled intro. Checking “Sin City Flames” from the same gig, we can notice it is also performed with the guitar rant; we might assume that this “almost” absence is due to the performance rather than a result of the mixing process. Additionally, the bass is very low. Geddy’s voice is somewhat echoing. The guys have a great time, and the audience responds cheerfully. It is a great performance with a very “familiar” setlist.    (2009-04-07)

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