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Media: 4 CDr Audio
Time: 47:46, 43:06, 55:30, 56:14
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-21585
Source: Audience (1st Gen)
Audience (1st Gen Analog)
Date: December 15, 1985
December 16, 1985
Location: The Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Capital Centre, Largo, Maryland, USA

The Spirit of Radio   5:30
Limelight   5:11
The Big Money   5:55
New World Man   4:15
Subdivisions   6:03
Manhattan Project   5:37
Middletown Dreams   5:25
Witch Hunt   5:13
Red Sector A (cut)   4:32

Closer to the Heart   5:44
Marathon   6:41
The Trees   5:22
Mystic Rhythms   5:47
Distant Early Warning   7:02
Territories   6:30
YYZ   3:18
Drum Solo (cut)   2:36

The Spirit of Radio   5:38
Limelight   5:10
The Big Money   6:06
New World Man   4:17
Subdivisions   6:07
Manhattan Project   5:38
Middletown Dreams   5:20
Witch Hunt   5:03
Closer to the Heart   5:25
Marathon   6:39

The Trees   5:26
Mystic Rhythms   5:53
Distant Early Warning   7:02
Territories   6:36
YYZ   3:20
Drum Solo   5:13
Red Lenses   2:22
Tom Sawyer   5:01
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx   6:27
Grand Designs   5:06
In the Mood   2:43

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56dbdcdd2f45770d11265fa01d337ce7 *rush1985-12-15_SP_d1t05.shn
32e6ecfce55ce0d59af79fbcae1f567b *rush1985-12-15_SP_d1t06.shn
478d5431d03b6530bb062914bb1bff5e *rush1985-12-15_SP_d1t07.shn
d5a4b1bb5fda97bfca9c879249f2debd *rush1985-12-15_SP_d1t08.shn
fb3dc8344e41ef683deff823c2079116 *rush1985-12-15_SP_d1t09.shn
6de6778a3ee92f7daf679b4e0c03fbfb *rush1985-12-15_SP_d2t01.shn
6c0fda65e37da5dec65ab9565f296564 *rush1985-12-15_SP_d2t02.shn
496ed999caa6e717fbc41834d3cb4184 *rush1985-12-15_SP_d2t03.shn
2218bea76bb89941de1ae46f5c5bdc06 *rush1985-12-15_SP_d2t04.shn
0153685c02541490c01425f03b514cd5 *rush1985-12-15_SP_d2t05.shn
0f901a5a7e7e26b002529eab6bf1d64b *rush1985-12-15_SP_d2t06.shn
79c57a2736191d3347a0eace07b85907 *rush1985-12-15_SP_d2t07.shn
ccc8c961cff482fd55983f583430643d *rush1985-12-15_SP_d2t08.shn

28e1c52bc0c6aebf6d31e7b358fce033 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t01.shn
28e8fadb573a4db2038028f60537bc62 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t02.shn
f3e0b92ba376f779d641b30e16b5c8a5 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t03.shn
d0c14c6e66fc24b3f03925602512144b *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t04.shn
0dd08aca7a4d6aca31d8d6033945ac45 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t05.shn
51f84d3f8709e736770a67e20a92f126 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t06.shn
8ccbcaf7259f9f22d83e5fbd7e737faa *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t07.shn
8625f6ac1014bd6d0c59e8ab10c70c33 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t08.shn
1716b72296baf9686ff4ca9fe9c37a9c *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t09.shn
bd537b2a5d2db66e7e1c6b3fedc85b32 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d1t10.shn
4a5e0f820097707de59ac519e9ed594a *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t01.shn
065e29b21b42366cee41163e8e2c5e6d *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t02.shn
8f06822943571764ff127343427d1094 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t03.shn
c587f056dfc4839e512431f4b0256753 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t04.shn
91c9fec91e4e1eb83f4af92abd727b68 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t05.shn
ebe9985ebd4224b9a5ba32084e3d4f04 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t06.shn
113d4f547e3b021e9a9c6e604b1d817f *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t07.shn
43e24adaff3e1b48fda5772867ea6f5d *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t08.shn
bc08d2640b5843f3d1755e1b7bd3587a *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t09.shn
817a469230a8f87631a322c8411e60d6 *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t10.shn
6ca5d29e11545e157870210808a09c8d *rush1985-12-16_SP_d2t11.shn

PoW Super Power Back Thumbnail.jpg
PoW Super Power Back Tray.jpg
PoW Super Power Back.jpg
PoW Super Power Front Fatboy.jpg
PoW Super Power Front Thumbnail.jpg
PoW Super Power Front Tray.jpg
PoW Super Power.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 6

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7)

Sourced from a couple of 1st gen recordings on consecutive nights during the early part of the Power Windows tour. Both shows are pretty decent to listen to and average VG+, sometimes better, sometimes worse. The first show is a bit cut up and not complete. There is a different version of this show from another source that isn't quite as good sounding but it is complete. The second night suffers from some slight bass fuzziness/distortion. All in all a couple of good shows from the more diehard Rush collector. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade and blank media trade only. Please do not buy, sell or distribute for profit. Help keep the spirit of trading alive and well.    (2003-11-30)

Ron's Rush RoIO Guide

Richmond, VA:? Another relatively rare first-leg PoW bootleg. The sound on this one is actually quite nice, with a good mix and only a bit if tinniness marring the sound.? Not the complete show, but what is here is definitely worth having.    (1999-04-01)

Aramis K. Vidaurre
   (Audio - 5)

THIS IS A REVIEW OF FIRST NIGHT ONLY. Super Power is a DHFB: Die Hard Fans Boot. Perhaps it is a Super performance, but not Super sound. It is recorded a way back and is distorted in certain portions; for that reason, the main ingredient is the audience, very easy to please due to their reactions; even when Geddy would mention the name of the following tune, they’d immediately cheer. The guys are just having a good time. Geddy’s voice is in good shape. After “Closer to the Heart” you hear Alex joking around though you cannot distinguish what he is saying. His rant in “Marathon” is quite solid. “Mystic Rhythms” sounds as if they just play a tape: very compact, you would not believe they can perform it so mystical and rhythmically. In “Distant Early Warning” you can appreciate a sort of a “trainwreck”: during the last portion, in the fast beat, Geddy keeps striking the key in the moment he should stop (mark 6:26). “Red Sector A” has a cut off at 1:55 and because of the distortion (of the original tape??) it is difficult to enjoy. As it was indexed the last song is the “drum solo”. It does have the nature of “The Rhythm Method”, but we know that the best was yet to come: a SUPER DRUM SOLO.    (2007-10-23)

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