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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 43:58, 41:43
Catalog: Timeless Motion: NONE
Source: Audience (1st Gen)
Date: November 05, 1984
Location: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The Spirit of Radio   5:04
Subdivisions   5:24
The Body Electric   5:54
The Enemy Within   4:44
The Weapon   8:15
Witch Hunt   4:47
New World Man   4:09
Between The Wheels   5:39

Red Barchetta   6:09
Distant Early warning   7:09
Red Sector A   5:13
Closer to the Heart   4:03
Kid Gloves   4:09
YYZ   2:07
Drum solo   5:17
YYZ (Reprise)   1:00
2112: Temples Of Syrinx   1:48
Tom Sawyer   4:46

bman back.jpg
bman front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6

   (Audio - 6)

The first thing you notice about the show is the crowd! They are quite loud, and at times, they drown out the music. This is mostly limited to the beginning and end of songs. This has to be one of the best performances that Rush have put on at the Spectrum (Which is quite a lot!). They really are up for this gig, and pull out all the stops. Despite the band sounding distant at times, you can hear pretty much everything that is going on. There are a few cuts, but they are, for the most part, pretty insignificant. The first is the beginning of New World Man (About 20 secs). The others are very small, and don't really matter i.e The extra intro to Distant Early Warning has a cut in it, and the first few chimes off the bells in YYZ are missing. All in all, this is a great show... If you can overlook the sound thing.   (2001-12-02)

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