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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 66:14, 47:26
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 40883-2
Source: Audience (Camcorder (1st Gen))
Date: April 09, 1983
Location: The Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Three Stooges Intro   0:38
The Spirit of Radio   4:37
Tom Sawyer   5:06
Freewill   5:25
Digital Man   6:50
Subdivisions   5:49
Vital Signs   5:12
The Camera Eye   7:04
Closer to the Heart   3:29
Chemistry   4:58
The Analog Kid   4:57
Broon's Bane   1:30
The Trees   4:19
Red Barchetta   6:20

The Weapon   8:03
New World Man   4:00
Limelight (cut)   3:45
Countdown   6:09
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:13
Xanadu   2:24
La Villa Strangiato   3:23
In The Mood (cut)   3:08
YYZ/Drum Solo   10:21

ab93c18a99feba782cf5e6f29fae15ff *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t01.shn
ce6bf28e6db77d6bd902ecf1e54756bb *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t02.shn
463a3df34cea85db71bbe88e435e0728 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t03.shn
e1b9385334738c6f2af087199728826c *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t04.shn
e8d8bde89db86a12889da637bd9ec830 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t05.shn
a96c92ac97e9882ad691e674cad370d4 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t06.shn
775722eb88c70b74164edfb7c26071a8 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t07.shn
00dab0bd8dccca333c90ecddf00e3b92 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t08.shn
566b424fb2ccda8de1251aee56b0f0a0 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t09.shn
7aca3a7be05b8d3129b0352ec17fcbc1 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t10.shn
b320a8277a7bc7a84153e09558d35895 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t11.shn
58b01a420b9ba11c3eb1d4977c2e8362 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t12.shn
5f8ab6859b18c6e5e255c08a1d146f24 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t13.shn
c640e5fb481991067632ef7860a65d84 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d1t14.shn

b202e25fb10c5d0ec8b2fadb3b42bc8c *rush1983-04-08_VC_d2t01.shn
66dfb4d3aa88b6fa6fae5d8572e4fce3 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d2t02.shn
ba6ed04038d0c4959c6d412738746b38 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d2t03.shn
818925acc42cf70d25a1fa5508c6ddc1 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d2t04.shn
3cca490a8079cd75c9365bdbd3815c85 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d2t05.shn
d24c92e4e165135d435c4d6a15aeab5f *rush1983-04-08_VC_d2t06.shn
fc75f651777ce6fabcc28170c1a80c93 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d2t07.shn
cc02fce2a6ecb9d52e1525888acbb7a6 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d2t08.shn
c68d644057b63b2f76b321f0da77d321 *rush1983-04-08_VC_d2t09.shn 

SIG Visual Chemistry Back Thumbnail.jpg
SIG Visual Chemistry Back.jpg
SIG Visual Chemistry Front Thumbnail.jpg
SIG Visual Chemistry Front.jpg
SIG Visual Chemistry Tray.jpg
SIG Visual Chemistry.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 5.666666666666667

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 5.5)

This is sourced from a SVHS copy of the Betamax master video, so the lineage is quite good. Obviously, if you've seen the video, the sound is a bit distant as the show was filmed from the back of the venue. The sound is also mono with limited high end and some hiss given the age of the source and the equipment available at the time. The bass, however, is actually quite nice with good extension and presence. Sound improves as the show goes along, it starts out VG- and within a few songs it improves to a solid VG (perhaps better if you're a forgiving soul). There are a couple of cuts, one near the beginning of "Limelight" and another near the end of "In the Mood". Other than those two cuts, the show is complete without edits. As was often done during the tour, Alex tries singing part of the 2112 intro which is, of course, quite bad and gets some friendly ribbing from Geddy. All in all a good, fun show if not a barely average sounding Signals show. Special thanks to the CBG for procuring this great source. No noise or hiss reduction was used in this production. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade or blank media trade only. Do not Buy, Sell or Distribute for profit. Help keep the spirit of trading alive and well.

Transfer: Betamax master > SVHS > Digital8 > Firewire > Cool Edit Pro > CDWave > SHN Released as DR's 2003 Christmas Release with Visual Chemistry - DVD.    (2003-10-27)

   (Audio - 5.5)


   (Audio - 6)

Not one of the better sounding Signals show, but the newly obtained 1st Gen SVHS was a good find. The show was filmed by a guy who filmed many bands that came through Montreal in the '80s. The 1st gen SVHS was taken directly from his Betamax master tape in 2002.? The sound of the audio track is decent, with some punch in the mid/bass region, but the fidelity is definitely lacking. There is a constant video hiss that's not too distracting, but definitely noticeable. ? Overall, Signals shows from London, Uniondale and Dayton are still the top recordings from the tour, IMO. This one's probably for the more seasoned listeners/collectors.? I also wanted to mentioned that Geddy's voice seems a bit too 'nasal' in some songs. Although the pitch was checked by few folks and was determined to be fine, I can't get over Geddy's voice sounding too high. (NOV '03)

There was a correction to the date of the show from April 9th to 8th.? On a live recording of the 9th show, Geddy clearly states that it's the 2nd night.? The filmer provided the initial information for this show, but after 20years, failed memory gets the best of us.? Sorry for the mixup.    (2003-10-27)

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