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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 40:46, 40:23
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 11782
Source: Audience
Date: November 17, 1982
Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Camera Eye   7:07
Closer to the Heart   3:36
Chemistry   5:03
The Analog Kid   4:49
Broon's Bane   1:32
The Trees   4:28
Red Barchetta   6:18
The Weapon   7:50

New World Man   4:11
Limelight   4:54
Countdown   5:52
2112   6:22
Xanadu   2:26
La Villa Strangiato   3:29
In the Mood   4:30
YYZ / Drum Solo   8:37

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SIG Distant Signals Front.jpg
SIG Distant Signals Tray.jpg
SIG Distant Signals.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7)

A pretty good sounding show from early on the Signals tour. The mix is very good, the instruments come through clearly. It is a bit distant, keeping it from being graded higher than it is. A good show and worth having considering how few Signals shows are out there. The hiss is a bit louder than usual, but that was an artifact of increasing the highs. Sounds very good when played loud. Alex breaks a string during the intro of YYZ. Too bad this is only 2/3's of the show, I'd like to hear the first 1/3 of the show. As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.    (2001-11-10)

Ron's Rush RoIO Review

For some reason, outside of about 5 or 6 readily available shows, Signals performances are hard to come by. This one, if you can find it, is well worth your time. Unfortunately, it?s only the last 2/3 of the show (which makes me think it comes from the LP listed below, since the running time would be about right). However, what is here sounds great. The setlist is the same as it would be throughout the tour, but Geddy seems unusually talkative for the hometown crowd. Alex has a couple string breakages, in Countdown and in YYZ. The sound is surprisingly very good. It?s a bit muted in the high frequencies, but remarkably clear. All instruments are well-resolved, the only problem being that Alex?s guitar is the tiniest bit behind the mix. For an audience source, the crowd is remarkably quiet. As an additional plus, the only cut occurs at the very end of In the Mood. This is one show that belongs in the trading mainstream.   (1999-04-01)

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