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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 70:37, 46:56
Catalog: I-Vent: 30.12.2-97
Source: Audience
Date: November 12, 1981
Location: Hemmerleinhalle, Nuremburg, Germany

2112   6:59
Freewill   5:46
Limelight   5:23
Beneath, Between, Behind   2:37
Subdivisions   5:29
The Camera Eye   11:56
YYZ / Drum Solo   8:47
Broon's Bane / The Trees   6:34
The Spirit of Radio   5:25
Red Barchetta   7:42
Closer to the Heart   3:58

Tom Sawyer   6:06
Vital Signs   5:36
Working Man Medley   11:13
2112 Finale (reprise)   1:58
La Villa Strangiato   10:56
Interview / The Spirit of Radio   10:28

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Average Rating:Audio: 6

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 6)

When I first got this recording, I was interested in seeing what I-Vent records could do with some of their releases. Well, the anticipation was better than the results. Unfortunately it appears to be nothing more than another "rush" job from tape to cdr for reasons of making a few fast bucks off the foolish Rush collector that buys it. The tape flips are not edited out among other things. One of the more glaring problems is the the medley at the end of the show is not separated into individual tracks. "2112: Finale" fades out prematurely then restarts on the next track in backtracked fashion. It wouldn't have been difficult to have spliced the fade out into the next track and have a resulting complete "Finale" with no cuts at all. There are quite a few segments of "La Villa Strangiato" that are repeated give the effect of hearing the same 5sec over and over again complete with glitches between the repeats.

Now a few words about the show itself. It is a very good show though, as the crowd is really interested in the performance. The sound is pretty muddy with a lot of bass that can easily be fixed with a little eq'ing. There is quite a bit of tape hiss, so the source is most likely a fairly high generation tape. The audience around the taper can be loud at times, but not so much that the music is drowned out. Unfortunately they do tend to clap too much and especially during the drum solo. All and all a good show, but there are definitely better ones from this tour. This show holds a lot of promise if put in the right hands. I-Vent dropped the ball on this one, it waits to be seen how their other releases stack up.    (1998-08-25)

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