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Ron's Vault Release #1


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 71:47, 42:47
Catalog: Rons Vault Release: RVR001
Source: Audience (1st Gen Analog)
Date: November 04, 1981
Location: Wembley Arena, London, England

2112: Overture/Temples of Syrinx   6:39
Freewill   5:51
Limelight   4:51
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:32
Beneath, Between & Behind   2:35
Subdivisions   4:55
The Camera Eye   10:29
YYZ / Drum Solo   7:51
Broon's Bane   1:32
The Trees   4:55
Xanadu   12:24
The Spirit Of Radio   5:12

Red Barchetta   6:48
Closer To The Heart   3:24
Tom Sawyer   5:14
Vital Signs   4:59
Medley / Working Man / Armageddon / By-Tor and the Snow Dog /   12:09
La Villa Strangiato   10:13

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c7cb4643d40595dc9ac11cf63eb1ac6e *Rush81-11-04d1t10.shn
f354dfef5d5959f8345d60b2835750f7 *Rush81-11-04d1t11.shn
f90adf592148f04033bf7976ac84f642 *Rush81-11-04d1t01.shn 

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476402213502969ec322dc4c5260db38 *Rush81-11-04d2t02.shn
1f7c6fdd8c959534895f74f07202b66a *Rush81-11-04d2t03.shn
cfbbde547e381c66c0bea252abcdff48 *Rush81-11-04d2t04.shn
ffc65bd829c1b6fd5ab73d1c3dc5e0a4 *Rush81-11-04d2t05.shn
2d376bdf9aaf0db5767d9843fce302e7 *Rush81-11-04d2t01.shn 

Rons Vault Release 1 Back.jpg
Rons Vault Release 1 Cover.jpg
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Rons Vault Release 1 Foldout.jpg
Rons Vault Release 1 Thumbnail.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6

Ron's Rush RoIO Review
   (Audio - 6)

This show came to me a few months ago by way of a Pink Floyd trader I've traded with for some years. He missed the fact that this show wasn't on my list and was surprised to find that it hasn't been greatly circulated so far. Apparently, he got this straight from the taper on cassette some years ago. The guy is reliable, so I'm inclined to believe him, although the evidence for the generation of this show is still anecdotal. Hence the question mark above.

Sound wise, this is a solid show, par for the course for this era. Of course, given that the other two Wembley shows completely suck sonically, this one is the best of the bunch by far.

The only changes I made to the discs I received was to split apart "Prelude" and "Beneath, Between & Behind," which were combined into one track, and combine "The Camera Eye," which was split across two tracks.

I'm putting this out there with the condition that it not be sucked up and "remastered" as anyone's production. Just putting it out there as is, and I hope it will stay that way.?

A few notes about this series of shows:

This is a little project I've wanted to get off the ground for a while now. The idea is to get some of the low-circulation shows out there on CD to the trading public at large. These are generally going to be B/B+ grade shows, many of unknown gen, that DR and Sirius are just not going to have time to remaster. Many are my own transfers from tape.

I'm going to try to get these out at the rate of about 1 per month, give or take.

The idea is that uber-completists will already have these shows, but the "average" trader on this group might not. Hopefully, these are going to be something that most of you will find worthy additions to your collections.

Art is being done by Daneck and will be posted when it's done. After all, we can't enjoy bootlegs without art....

The ONLY constraint I place on these is that they not be sucked up and re-mastered. If you're interested in doing something like that, you'll have to find the tapers and work something out with them. These sources are to stay as-is. If I find that someone is breaking this rule, that'll be the end of these releases.    (2004-01-25)

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