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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 57:53, 62:47
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-43094
Source: Audience (DAT Master Clone)
Date: April 30, 1994
Location: Corestates Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Intro   1:31
Dreamline   5:09
The Spirit of Radio   5:00
The Analog Kid   5:41
Cold Fire   5:00
Time Stand Still   5:52
Nobody's Hero   5:16
Roll the Bones   6:07
Animate   7:57
Stick it Out   5:03
Double Agent   5:11

Limelight   4:33
Bravado   6:36
Mystic Rhythms   5:56
Closer to the Heart   5:59
Show Don't Tell   5:30
Leave that Thing Alone   6:07
The Rhythm Method   7:52
The Trees   5:23
Xanadu   6:44
Hemispheres   4:20
Tom Sawyer   3:41

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CP Polarized Spectrum Front.jpg
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CP Polarized Spectrum.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7.5)

Taken from a clone of the DAT master, this is a nice sounding show from Philly. The first half of the concert doesn't quite have the resolution that the second half has. Nothing majorly wrong, just that the second half sounds a notch better. The crowd is definitley enthusiastic for the second night in Philly as the roar of the crowd is quite impressive. No single individuals around the taper are noticable, just the overall roar of the crowd. Tonight has a particularly great performance of "Bravado", you can really feel the power of the song in its delivery. Even Alex's solo seems more "inspired" on this evening with some nice and subtle nuances thrown in. It looks as if the taper only brought on 2hr DAT as the last half of "Tom Sawyer" is cut and "YYZ" is completely missing. Too bad, as this is quite a nice show. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade and blank media trade only. Please do not attempt to sell or distribute for profit, keep the spirit of trading alive.    (2001-10-09)

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