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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 57:08, 73:20
Catalog: :
Source: Soundboard
Date: April 02, 1994
Location: Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Intro/Dreamline   6:39
The Spirit of Radio   4:54
The Analog Kid   6:07
Cold Fire   4:29
Time Stand Still   5:39
Nobody's Hero   5:03
Roll The Bones   6:09
Animate   7:27
Stick It Out   5:15
Double Agent   5:26

Limelight   4:39
Mystic Rhythms   6:05
Closer to the Heart   5:35
Show Don't Tell   5:20
Leave That Thing Alone (intro)   1:14
Leave That Thing Alone   4:50
Drum Solo   7:29
The Trees   5:18
Xanadu   10:29
Hemispheres: Prelude   0:22
Tom Sawyer   5:20
Force Ten   4:39
YYZ   5:04
Bravado   6:55

CP Nuts and Bolts Label Disc1.jpg
CP Nuts and Bolts Label Disc1.pdf
CP Nuts and Bolts Label Disc2.jpg
CP Nuts and Bolts Label Disc2.pdf
CP Nuts and Bolts Madison Back.jpg
CP Nuts and Bolts Madison Front.jpg
CP Nuts and Bolts Madison Tray.jpg
CP Nuts and Bolts Madison.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 9.6875

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 10)

Well, I was quite surprised when I received this recording in trade. Another soundboard from the Counterparts tour seemed to be a little too good to be true. But Geddy identifies the location as Madison, Wisconsin before starting in with Cold Fire, making it abundantly clear. Definitely a better sounding show than the Critical Mass/Mystic Symphonies show as this source is in stereo. The show itself is one of the better shows from the CP tour, the band seems really up for the show. There are a few weird transitions between songs, the indexing is wrong for Xanadu/Hemispheres/Tom Sawyer, but this is definitely digitally sourced and is very clean. I wish there was more information about the recording, but the artwork will divulge no secrets other than it has the wrong date! This is by far and away one of the finest sound board recordings I've yet heard. Sounds professionally mixed and very lively sounding. An absolute "Must Have", and everyone knows I prefer audience recordings to sbds, so that says something!    (2001-01-31)

   (Audio - 10)

I wasn't in great expectations when I received this show, as I already had the "Animated" and "A Night At The Spectrum" soundboards, and they both sounded great. This would be just another great show to add...I was completely in shock when I put these discs in the CD player! Not only the sound is absolutely perfect, but the band puts one of the best performances I have ever heard! They are playing very tight this night, and definitely having fun! The audience seems to be really into the the show too; when they finish "Time Stand Still", Geddy thanks the crowd and even says something like "You guys are in good voice out there tonight. We appreciate that." As always, you get the cool western intro to "Cold Fire" and the band intros in "Closer to the Heart", and this must be one of the funniest of all tour, I could hear this forever! Alex even makes fun of Neil's hat! IMHO, this is the best SBD of the Counterparts tour, and a must-have for any Rush fan, bootleg collector or not! It doesn't matter if you have a gazillion shows of this tour or you think Counterparts is the worst Rush album...for me this is a perfect recording and I guarantee you that these discs won't leave your CD player for at least 1 month!!!    (2001-01-31)

   (Audio - 9)

Great show. Great boot. I am new to this, but to my ears this is superior quality than I am used to and I would recommend these discs to all fans. Hats off to the guy who recorded.    (2004-09-16)

Bryan B
   (Audio - 9.5)

Absolutely pristine!!!! What a wonderful show!!!!!!   (2004-10-04)

   (Audio - 10)

What can I say, I just got into the whole Rush bootleg catalogue and decided to try my hand with a few recordings and this caught my eye. Coming from an era where the band still had (and still has) hardcore fans and yet had apealed to a mainstream audience, the band holds a total distregard and plays to the wall on this night. Being a soundboard, the entire show is crisp and clean. The band starts off a little shaky on 'Spirit of Radio' but mid to near the end of the show, the boys are ripping through the set like it's nothing. My one gripe is on tracks like 'Double Agent' and 'Roll the Bones, the pre-recorded vocal parts seem a little off level with the music (DA especially.) Overall though, I have to give the boys a 10 on this night. Bravo to a great soundboard.   (2005-07-15)

Aramis K. Vidaurre
   (Audio - 10)

With this boot, one should be very careful. The sound is excellent, but suppose that you listen to this recording in a very small room and you stand outside. What would you get? Some ups and downs during the recording. For example, in “Dreamline” Geddy’s voice is somehow at the back, the overdubbed chorus hits you right to the front. In fact, some of the overdubbed effects captures you from one specific channel. “Cold Fire” has a very interesting for-the-records detail: this version has been taken for that release of rarities and B-sides circulating since some time ago. In that release, the country intro is matched with the song, contrary to this boot which it has been split. When Geddy introduces Alex you know that “Stick It Out” is about to come; they made it as a ritual. In the second part of the recording, the sound is improved, especially in the drums. Even when “Mystic Rhythms” finishes you can hear an extra beat from Neil. In “Closer to the Heart” Lerxnst makes fun of themselves impersonating and introducing the guys by different names. “Tom Sawyer” is just great with the explosion at the end –an another Neil’s extra beat). Geddy says good night and then comes back. You notice the cut in this transition. “Bravado” closes the night or at least the recording.    (2007-08-06)

   (Audio - 9.5)

Great soundboard recording! Nothing to complain about here! All the instruments come through crystal clear, and the quality is excellent. The ONLY downfall (and it is extremely minor) is that the crowd is considerably cut out. I prefer a good soundboard recording like this one, except I like to hear to crowd -- it gives it that feeling that you're actually there. Despite this, a great recording! A must from the Counterparts tour!   (2007-10-02)


2 words. Holy crap! This is great. Cant get enuff.    (2008-01-26)

   (Audio - 9.5)

A great sounding recording, though like most soundboards it lacks some sense of audience. Much of the performance is excellent, though there is one notable exception - a major screw up in Tom Sawyer by Neil, hitting a fill early leading into Alex's solo. They all recovered pretty well and the song ended great. I don't know what show Bravado is from, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't this one. First, Geddy gives his classic "We hope to see you again sometime down the road." Secondly, according to Power Windows tour archive, they didn't add Bravado until 4/20/94. And last, they just wouldn't follow YYZ/Cygnus teaser with Bravado as a closer.   (2008-03-04)

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