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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 60:48, 61:08
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-21094-0
Source: Audience (Master)
Date: February 10, 1994
Location: Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USA

Dreamline   5:05
The Spirit of Radio   5:02
The Analog Kid   5:52
Cold Fire   4:34
Time Stand Still   5:57
Nobody's Hero   5:15
Roll The Bones   6:14
Animate   7:39
Stick It Out   5:23
Double Agent   5:01
Limelight   4:39

Mystic Rhythms   6:02
Closer to the Heart   5:11
Show Don't Tell   5:28
Leave That Thing Alone   5:57
The Rhythm Method   6:53
The Trees   5:22
Xanadu   6:51
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:25
Tom Sawyer   5:08
Force Ten   4:46
YYZ   4:57

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dc63fa73c66375eafe3553e65545bc07 *Rush19940210d1t09.shn
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c8ca614f700770c35669e8bd6c3de557 *Rush19940210d1t11.shn
6e1ee3ed8615f4f62ed9c42966ddafbb *Rush19940210d2t01.shn
159ae2a803c50cd613db30d44654d79e *Rush19940210d2t02.shn
b8039e69e3f4998cca5ff452cba81b62 *Rush19940210d2t03.shn
868e719c902c1dc1c98e1d90274b38d4 *Rush19940210d2t04.shn
f98877a8f9af5dce75cbcb8c6906b427 *Rush19940210d2t05.shn
816fcbe450b8527e397687c19b896bda *Rush19940210d2t06.shn
df074e1d81874f8e781ebb06f60a599d *Rush19940210d2t07.shn
f75ef6990dccc02ff9a953fb00aad45f *Rush19940210d2t08.shn
d802b85e78317d0493a8968fae96db66 *Rush19940210d2t09.shn
961fc121217979aa672a407d8eca699e *Rush19940210d2t10.shn
03ba8549e93e59aaf4afd0beaf1a1f8d *Rush19940210d2t11.shn

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Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

Taken from the Master source, this is an excellent quality audience recording. The bass is warm and punchy and really makes Neil stand out on this night. This show is one of those that is just a joy to listen to, very involving. The show starts off a little rough with some arguments about who is sitting where, but then it clears up. In one spot the taper debates with his friend whether to pause the recorder between songs, but that idea is thankfully shot down. Alex is a little mean with the crowd by introducing the next song "Stick It Out" as "Didacts and Narpets". Alex is definitely in a great mood, just a listen to "Closer to the Heart" tells it all. All in all one of the most fun shows from the tour to relax and give a listen. Is it me, or is "The Analog Kid" the most powerful song of the night? As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade and blank media trade only. Not to be bought or sold! Please keep the spirit of trading alive and well.    (2002-10-24)

   (Audio - 6.5)

This show sounds very good in the sense that one can hear the whole band very well throughout the show. Unfortunately this show is flawed to the point that I can only recommend it to diehards, completists or ticket-holders. First of all the tapers talk to each other several times during the music, discussing whether or not the tape should be stopped between songs at the beginning and then deciding whether or not they needed a tape flip in the middle (thankfully they decided not to flip the tape and we do have the whole show). Though it isn?t unusual to hear talking in an audience recording, these guys are really loud and it makes me wish the band was as loud. Secondly, the taper says the date of the show into the microphone during the first song, which is, um...interesting, but, I think, the wrong choice. Thirdly, the crowd around the taper sings way too loud--off key at certain points. Lastly, there is a wee-bit of clipping as the crowd cheers at one point during YYZ. That being said, Alex is very funny during CTTH and some of the songs don?t have any problems at all. Incidentally, this was my very first Rush concert and I am very grateful to be able to relive it!   (2004-11-10)

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