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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 60:41, 60:36
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-12894
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: January 28, 1994
Location: Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA

Dreamline   5:35
The Spirit Of Radio   5:00
The Analog Kid   5:58
Cold Fire   4:36
Time Stand Still   5:52
Nobody's Hero   5:17
Roll The Bones   6:08
Animate   7:20
Stick It Out   5:03
Double Agent   5:08
Limelight   4:37

Mystic Rhythms   6:01
Closer to the Heart   4:55
Show Don't Tell   5:38
Leave That Thing Alone   5:57
The Rhythm Method   7:07
The Trees   4:55
Xanadu   6:44
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:16
Tom Sawyer   5:12
Force 10   4:41
YYZ   5:03

9a7067e16661e5d8c6a896c1d522636f *Rush19940128d1t09.shn
ba5a1e8d8a080195d99b26de33917fae *Rush19940128d1t02.shn
ed9fa1ab18841385dc179ef4ba1c8390 *Rush19940128d1t03.shn
dfd857832f277925ba4f5966c435dfa2 *Rush19940128d1t04.shn
1a3e55ba6dd7d65c343e07d5acc8101f *Rush19940128d1t05.shn
0fd1cfac4e5b473c57706fd5da437691 *Rush19940128d1t06.shn
5f854770762f4cd46a9677d571389730 *Rush19940128d1t07.shn
37d1d238bd77cfb534df109386c2213d *Rush19940128d1t08.shn
0adc329761f8c56e102c817b7b803af6 *Rush19940128d1t01.shn
6ee524523bf89e63efc8a7ea6e7eaac2 *Rush19940128d1t10.shn
96295a2d0b50abe09194206172575907 *Rush19940128d1t11.shn
8d359570fb6b2bf5265b8f6632ec49f6 *Rush19940128d2t07.shn
c06fd0c6dcb5fc0f42cc19cdbf80cf8e *Rush19940128d2t02.shn
cb65b66f488db86facdd0e046c5d893c *Rush19940128d2t03.shn
7c67b85a96c3f1004945a2c61d083f52 *Rush19940128d2t04.shn
f9cc92c26fc0c931fad329038e4e68c5 *Rush19940128d2t05.shn
d3e156ce263350a3c9839842716f6c82 *Rush19940128d2t06.shn
68778671b816fea2d0787d0361eb28ad *Rush19940128d2t01.shn
75f7f62c869e078a92ea08933a9bf1a2 *Rush19940128d2t08.shn
2414ada102d5316e282973b53ab70c4e *Rush19940128d2t09.shn
cf677d57514d28b9f9b0a3faad370208 *Rush19940128d2t10.shn
180ba974965d10574dd5f3fd7f62c6a8 *Rush19940128d2t11.shn

CP In A Phosphorescent Wave Back.jpg
CP In A Phosphorescent Wave Front.jpg
CP In A Phosphorescent Wave Tray.jpg
CP In A Phosphorescent Wave.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

Taken from the DAT master recording of the show, this is the complete concert. Being a DAT sourced source, this is a very clean sounding show. Neil really comes through clear. This is a source that hasn't really been circulated very well before. The mix seems to be fairly mono in nature, but still an excellent listen. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is available for free trade only. If you see the recording being sold, you are being ripped off. Please keep the spirit of free trade going, don't buy or sell free trade recordings.    (2001-12-23)

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