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Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 55:41, 64:20
Catalog: Cocomelos Records: CMO25/26
Source: Audience
Date: January 22, 1994
Location: Civic Center Arena, Pensacola, Florida, USA

Also Spracht Zarathustra / Dreamline   5:08
The Spirit Of Radio   5:02
The Analog Kid   5:44
Cold Fire   4:34
Time Stand Still   6:06
Nobody's Hero   5:14
Roll The Bones   6:04
Animate   7:18
Stick It Out   5:21
Double Agent   5:08

Limelight   4:44
Mystic Rhythms   5:52
Closer to the Heart   4:40
Show Don't Tell   5:30
Leave That Thing Alone   6:00
The Rhythm Method   6:53
The Trees   5:05
Xanadu / Hemispheres: Prelude
Tom Sawyer   5:00
Force Ten   5:40
YYZ / Cygnus X-1   5:25

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Northern Heroes back.jpg
Northern Heroes front.JPG

Average Rating:Audio: 6

Rush CD Bootleg List
   (Audio - 6)

Very good audience recording. "Dreamline" starts out shaky and muffled, but is quickly corrected. The same song also seems to have a glitch in it where the sound drops out completely for an instant then is restored. The crowd is distant, and no annoying fans seem to be around the recorder. However, the crowd can be heard singing on more popular songs (like "The Spirit Of Radio") and cheering (loudly!) for the more dramatic effects. There are a few pops in the recording, almost as if the recorder hit the mic. This bootleg contains the entire concert for the Counterparts tour. The "2001" intro is faded into almost at the end, so not much is on the CD. The CDs are picture discs, the first has one of Alex, the second one of Geddy; both are live shots possibly from the CP tour. Many pictures are throughout the booklet and on the cover/back, and all are recent (from Counterparts or RTB). A few songs are mislabeled, but nothing major, simply "The" is left out of both "The Spirit Of Radio" and "The Analog Kid." The CDs come in a single flip case, and there is an excellent shot of Neil from the CP tour when the disc is flipped. The tracks are indexed perfectly, and any talking Geddy does is at the end of a track rather than at the beginning of the next one.    (1999-04-01)

National Midnight Star
   (Audio - 6)

This is one of the many CD boots from the Counterparts tour, and it like most of them is sorely lacking in sound quality. It most resembles listening to a television show from several houses away; very distant and muffled, and the bass hard to hear. The crowd is at times clearer than the music! One odd thing is that the encore for the show is much clearer and louder than the rest of the concert, much like the mic was taken out of a coat pocket. If the rest of the show sounded like the encore, this would've been a real winner. The booklet has some very nice pictures of Rush from the CP tour in full color, and the discs themselves are picture discs: one of Alex, one of Geddy. The back insert has an excellent picture of Neil (where else?) behind his drum kit. And although the back only lists "YYZ", it does contain the full encore. If you simply MUST have this show on CD, then buy it. Otherwise, I would suggest finding this particular show on tape (from a different source if possible) if you want it.    (1999-04-01)

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