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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 60:51, 59:51
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-12294
Source: Audience
Date: January 22, 1994
Location: Pensacola Civic Center Arena, Pensacola, Florida, USA

Also Spracht Zarathustra   1:32
Dreamline   5:02
The Spirit Of Radio   5:00
The Analog Kid   5:37
Cold Fire   4:38
Time Stand Still   5:59
Nobody's Hero   5:07
Roll The Bones   6:00
Animate   6:57
Stick It Out   5:17
Double Agent   5:04
Limelight   4:30

Mystic Rhythms   5:48
Closer to the Heart   4:35
Show Don't Tell   5:24
Leave That Thing Alone   5:51
The Rhythm Method   6:27
The Trees   5:04
Xanadu   6:28
Hemispheres: Prelude
Tom Sawyer   6:08
Force Ten   4:33
YYZ   5:15

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cd0ae65eab2d1989b1f50c14df256ca0 *Rush19940122d1t03.shn
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95a84403e5dc2d4f7fa9f38605329a16 *Rush19940122d1t05.shn
21d72dc712231d4901e33c51a776b51f *Rush19940122d1t06.shn
0843cf27610baf54222c0626b57545f1 *Rush19940122d1t07.shn
a44d55fb819c6b20b0011b23ea2e02e2 *Rush19940122d1t08.shn
6e55f21235297168d2c55da72618526e *Rush19940122d1t09.shn
b1d9b00e631617d52c7bcae7d44cee60 *Rush19940122d1t01.shn
a7978f205ff15b241b407d660c852780 *Rush19940122d1t11.shn
8d2cd58c2334c6f0da980f778727d180 *Rush19940122d1t12.shn
bdda21b75abbed33184a537e812eff01 *Rush19940122d2t05.shn
16ecdbc36b1e88bf2f16dc495b3aa782 *Rush19940122d2t02.shn
17456335485e50fe865633b1761d7706 *Rush19940122d2t03.shn
817321a0d258f1c89f733b8259fc1945 *Rush19940122d2t04.shn
e597113fb83807f850d3ff4eb1c48041 *Rush19940122d2t01.shn
8711e0e97e43362d821379a915d55a5b *Rush19940122d2t06.shn
34dda7340e0c51ec2610e4caf78c1869 *Rush19940122d2t07.shn
7b4ad1a2084139bb9b395b2729f8c70f *Rush19940122d2t08.shn
f1bbe355b888a4aa09bba9c5f5171328 *Rush19940122d2t09.shn
bd6238ffad7ae4215061e46165a06285 *Rush19940122d2t10.shn
eba2a36f33518143c0e8dc35b654345f *Rush19940122d2t11.shn

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Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

Taken from the cassette master recording of the show, this is a complete concert. This is an excellent analog audience recording. It has that wonderful warmth and bass that analog sources can really bring out when one is well recorded. And this is no exception. All the instruments sound great and reasonably close. Neil really comes through clear. This date was made infamous by the RoIO "Northern Heroes". This is a different source that hasn't really been circulated well before. The band seems to have some problems getting the sound effects working on "Force Ten" as it loops strangely out of sync. A very special thanks to ElvisJB for graciously allowing us to borrow the master cassettes to work from. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is available for free trade only. If you see the recording being sold, you are being ripped off. Please keep the spirit of free trade going, don't buy or sell free trade recordings.    (2002-03-24)

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