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Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 70:59, 72:05
Catalog: Flashback: 05.94.0230
Source: Audience
Date: March 02, 1994
May 21, 1986
Location: Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, USA

Also Spracht Zarathustra / Dreamline   5:06
The Spirit Of Radio   5:00
The Analog Kid   6:14
Cold Fire   4:32
Time Stand Still   5:58
Nobody's Hero   5:09
Roll The Bones   6:07
Animate   6:51
Stick It Out   5:14
Double Agent   4:54
Limelight   4:37
Mystic Rhythms   5:44
Closer to the Heart   5:28

Show Don't Tell   5:29
Leave That Thing Alone   5:56
The Rhythm Method   7:20
The Trees   5:07
Xanadu / Hemispheres: Prelude   11:03
Tom Sawyer   5:05
Force Ten   4:39
YYZ/Cygnus X-1   4:51
Manhattan Project   5:59
Middletown Dreams   5:05
Red Sector A   4:43
Marathon   6:35

come to a standstill back lq.JPG
come to a standstill front lq.JPG

Average Rating:Audio: 7

Rush CD Bootleg List
   (Audio - 7)

Probably the best audience "Counterparts" show around. The band and the crowd are really having fun during this concert, and it shows. The set list leans a bit too much towards the newer stuff, and there?s no medley, but the "Trees/Xanadu/Prelude" set really makes this show. This show has a deep bass end, and sounds great on a decent stereo system. At times, the mix is unbalanced, but for the most part, this is a very listenable, very enjoyable show.    (1999-04-01)

Bill Girton
   (Audio - 7)

This is a very good audience recording. The entire band can be heard fine. There are a few slices between some songs. No music is cut but some of Geddy's talking is. Overall a very nice show. The second disk also has some very good quality filler material from 5/21/86, Seattle, WA.    (1999-04-01)

   (Audio - 7)

Not a bad sounding audience boot from the middle of the Counterparts tour. All instruments come across rather clearly and no weird dropouts were noticed. (but there is a bit of weird panning during Force 10?? Almost sounds like the taper moved from his original spot or maybe it's from a different source, nothing horrible though.) The enthusiastic crowd stays fairly quiet throughout, and when you do hear them it's nothing obtrusive. (But they do sound to be really enjoying themselves? how could you NOT at a Rush concert!) There isn't anything special about this show, but there's nothing wrong and it sounds good! Just another great sounding show from a great band! Typical setlist for this tour, no surprises! (except for maybe Joan Rivers on drums tonight) The filler at the end comes from a Seattle show from 1986. And as far as filler standards go this isn't bad stuff! Just a bit of distortion, but nothing to get upset about. Wouldn't rush out looking for it, but I wouldn't pass it up if offered in a trade! (or if you found it at a used cd shop for $10.00!) Only a must have if you were there! There are better from this tour out there but not too many!    (1999-04-01)

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