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Media: 1 CD Audio
Time: 52:25
Catalog: Rarities and Few: RFCD 1055
Source: Soundboard, Video
Date: March 27, 1981
Location: The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Limelight   4:36
Tom Sawyer   4:42
The Trees   7:18
Xanadu   9:54
Red Barchetta   6:25
Freewill   5:30
Closer To The Heart   3:35
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   4:12
In The End   1:46
In The Mood / The Grande Finale   3:40

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red barchetta front.jpg
red barchetta front inside.jpg

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Ron's Rush RoIO Review

[Ron?s Note: This show is one of the two video copies which have spawned what seems like a million boots?the other being the GUP show of 9/21/84. In fact the King Biscuit Flour Hour show was a combination of this show and the GUP show. For ease, since these "hybrid" shows are predominantly from the GUP video, I have listed those boots under the GUP section. The shows which follow here are all mainly from the ESL video. Got it? Good. To make things a bit easier, I have listed all the setlists for these boots that I could find.]    (1999-04-01)

Rush CD Bootleg List

This CD is one of the many that are merely a copy of the "Exit Stage Left" video/laserdisc soundtrack. The others (Red Stars, A New Reality) have the exact track listing as this one. This one, however, doesn't contain the voice-overs by Neil like the other two do. This was accomplished by some interesting splicing (including a nasty cut at the beginning of "Tom Sawyer"). It almost sounds like it's from an LP, pops are evident in the recording, or it could just be the recording level set too high. At times they are annoying enough to make you ignore the music in favor of the background noise. To be fair though, the transition between "The Trees" and "Xanadu" is very lovely and VERY extended. The packaging is pathetic. Not one picture of the band graces this CD, but plenty of cars and car parts do. Yes, the picture is of a Barchetta and it is red, but that's as far as the relationship goes. And since when does Neil perform vocals? The date is also incorrectly listed as May 1981. On the front they had the audacity to print "Limited Edition 1000 Copies", then inside write something in Italian which basically says that the band asked them to stop printing it, which they did. I think they merely changed companies, as this was originally released under the label Rarities & Few (RFCD 1055). Hm, that license plate on the car looks familiar...Don't rush out and buy this. It's merely a recording of something you probably have already, cleverly chopped and faded to make it seem like it is indeed a legitimate concert recording.    (1999-04-01)

Brent's Bootlegs

This CD is a copy of the soundtrack of the "Exit ... Stage Left" laserdisc. The laserdisc has voiceovers which were removed for this bootleg. Unfortunately, one edit resulted in a nasty cut at the beginning of "Tom Sawyer". The bootleg "Red Stars of the Solar Federation" has all the songs this does but it does not cut out any commentary. Unless you are a RUSH bootleg collector, you might as well get "Careful With That Axe, Alex" because it has all the songs this CD has, plus it 5 more tracks from the Grace Under Pressure video. Since these bootlegs are just live video rip-offs, the sound quality is mostly very nice.    (1999-04-01)

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