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At The Big Apple : Part 2


Media: 1 CDr Audio
Catalog: I-Vent: 2401.7-98
Source: Audience
Date: March 09, 1994
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA

The Spirit of Radio
The Analog Kid
Cold Fire
Time Stand Still
Nobody's Hero
Roll the Bones
Stick It Out
Double Agent
Mystic Rhythms
Closer to the Heart
Show Don't Tell
Leave That Thing Alone
Drum Solo
The Trees
Hemispheres: Prelude
Tom Sawyer
Force Ten


Average Rating:Audio: 7


Assumed complete show, I couldn't find the actual selist.   (2001-06-23)

National Midnight Star CD Bootleg Listin
   (Audio - 7)

Unlike most of the Counterparts boots, this is only one cd. The sound is better than most of them, however, and is not bad if you're only looking for the first half of the concert. The sound itself is a decent audience recording. The guitar is very present, as are the cymbals, the bass is very muddy and is difficult to pick out, the vocals are fairly easy to understand, but the high end does seem to get clipped in some parts. The crowd is only occasionally annoying with a talker or screamer near the mic.    (1999-04-01)

Cary's Notes
   (Audio - 7)

Both sets of notes above refer to the "Closer To Our Hearts" release of this show. Rush Collector Resources lists these two releases as the same sound quality, so I assume that it is the same source tape, but this is possibly the complete show.? I could not find a confirmation of the complete setlist for this boot.    (2001-06-23)

Ron's Rush RoIO Review
   (Audio - 7)

This show comes from the second night of a 2-night stand in New York City. This tape was recorded from the "Closer To Our Hearts" CD, and features the first 2/3 of the concert. The performance is pretty good, with Geddy engaging in some banter with the fans over local hockey teams. With all the great Counterparts tapes floating around out there, you?ll want to pass this show up. The sound starts off pretty good, but quickly degenerates into some horrible fading which lasts throughout the middle of the show.   (1999-04-01)

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