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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 71:11, 54:08
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-011
Source: Audience (2nd Gen)
Date: March 10, 1980
Location: The Great Western Forum, Inglewood, California, USA

2112   15:33
Freewill   5:47
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   5:44
Xanadu   12:57
The Spirit of Radio   5:13
Natural Science   8:35
A Passage to Bangkok   4:01
The Trees   5:05
Cygnus X-1   8:12

Hemispheres   13:28
Hemispheres continued   0:43
Closer to the Heart   3:14
Beneath, Between and Behind   2:48
Jacob's Ladder   7:49
Working Man   3:30
Finding My Way   0:22
Anthem   1:39
Bastille Day   1:27
In the Mood   2:42
Drum Solo   6:30
La Villa Strangiato   9:54

9164feb02971dc71747f950654e6d07a *Rush 1YL&AHR D1T01 - 2112.shn
0746aa5da91693141ff3ff4a9f073ffb *Rush 1YL&AHR D1T02 - Freewill.shn
5d6808e8e927a626053cd7d561df9cc5 *Rush 1YL&AHR D1T03 - By-Tor and the Snow Dog.shn
3633401f4030908806434d5bb78edd5e *Rush 1YL&AHR D1T04 - Xanadu.shn
84fb3a6aa3d9ed4c6f909c37de87510f *Rush 1YL&AHR D1T05 - The Spirit of Radio.shn
f49400a6c20ccaec6bb777ecfadffaf6 *Rush 1YL&AHR D1T06 - Natural Science.shn
46813216961b7ee89945317070677360 *Rush 1YL&AHR D1T07 - A Passage to Bangkok.shn
f0b80268841eda1c08293e258f68851f *Rush 1YL&AHR D1T08 - The Trees.shn
8ad1ac413d13174a2f3a83192854308b *Rush 1YL&AHR D1T09 - Cygnus X-1.shn

b4307e882524f073ec92438e74e601f8 *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T01 - Hemispheres.shn
6058a80823a0a60a498fec33b727d6de *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T02 - Hemispheres Continued.shn
4ed81497e03e5885733053bfb62de713 *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T03 - Closer to the Heart.shn
c5b50ee774625a254ce85162e78c83f8 *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T04 - Beneath Between and Behind.shn
2d1830e549a6ea0cb51b8d4fbc6d1a14 *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T05 - Jacobs Ladder.shn
15e4931a98b6ffc1df7342390e5ef6ee *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T06 - Working Man.shn
ac97912c0e708512538d49413b8037f1 *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T07 - Finding My Way.shn
d789d5c4dc2b7026c670f79e4907b49a *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T08 - Anthem.shn
0fd427b7bf74df7e744256d4193e3d11 *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T09 - Bastille Day.shn
4f1d84175538440014fd40f3611d3cfb *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T10 - In the Mood.shn
44bfd988a48010185630f6fa8c17e446 *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T11 - Drum Solo.shn
4156db4715838ef60230e257870c787b *Rush 1YL&AHR D2T12 - La Villa Strangiato.shn

Another Hostage Released Back.jpg
Another Hostage Released Cover.jpg
Another Hostage Released Foldout.jpg
Another Hostage Released Inside.jpg
Another Hostage Released Thumbnail.jpg

Average Rating:

Simple Man Productions

Here is a nice change of pace from all the Vapor Trails shows floating around. A Permanent Waves show! This is a really nice show that has some nice separation with the instruments are all represented fairly well. Listening to the show you can really tell that the boys are having a good time. There is the occasional flub here and there but there is a fair amount of improvising also. There is a strange ?whipping effect? during the drum solo. Almost certainly a keyboard but it sounds really cool. This is about the time the boys really started to come into their own and really hit main stream radio. Geddy feels required to introduce almost every song and what album it came from, trying to get the album sales up I?m sure!?? All in all, a nice show to add to anyone?s collection.

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect (soon!), will be posted to shortly and will be freely traded to all comers.    (2003-05-11)

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