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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 54:11, 56:55
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-014
Source: Audience (Analog Master)
Date: June 12, 1992
Location: Riverport Amphitheater, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Force Ten (cut)   4:04
Limelight   4:25
Freewill   4:03
Distant Early Warning   4:29
Time Stand Still   6:34
Dreamline   5:06
Bravado   6:45
Roll The Bones   6:21
Show Don?t Tell   6:20
The Big Money   6:02

Ghost Of A Chance   6:02
Vital Signs   4:50
The Analog Kid   5:37
The Trees   5:06
Where?s My Thing?   5:57
The Rhythm Method   7:33
Closer To The Heart   4:48
Xanadu   6:48
Superconductor   5:08
Tom Sawyer (cut)   1:12
Audience Banter   1:13
The Spirit Of Radio   2:47

3522daf4b8b04dead658452a4b99a4c6 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T07 - Bravado.shn
eb8923511084c7d6a09bc7d4851f4c6c *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T02 - Limelight.shn
607e8682f86c661e5278a986e7d9fce7 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T03 - Freewill.shn
f772f7e1a501a26246ac44fa725998b7 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T04 - Distant Early Warning.shn
19e475f85195e859d64760f5b0aa7189 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T05 - Time Stand Still.shn
dd6285776141ee9b96746057e97a95b9 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T06 - Dreamline.shn
db449f41504ad46727e8bec6076bce2c *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T01 - Force Ten .shn
cd8ef10c951031cc8fffa00311822dd9 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T08 - Roll the Bones.shn
3a2cef3716dd1f67e725b3b3345bc783 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T09 - Show Dont Tell.shn
bacbb02e4fc4141c9d7b99547940b872 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D1T10 - The Big Money.shn

97d6485369a9c651f755ab49a309e94d *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T09 - Superconductor.shn
64c837efd6d6d298b89e9f1d94703427 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T02 - Vital Signs.shn
04261e3519005cd289278aa777e6f80a *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T03 - The Analog Kid.shn
c4d9fd57e0e4590f3212c924616687b0 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T04 - The Trees.shn
ab3f2ea04a686a93c3ad4e20c8f7599f *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T05 - Wheres My Thing.shn
d6ff2b540b245906de3ff70e120c303f *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T06 - The Rhythm Method.shn
e34e86be54d03bd21dcec47e6d35240c *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T07 - Closer to the Heart.shn
3b80232c54c004c4248d59502283f8fb *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T08 - Xanadu.shn
a07701b4c8e5cffc2bb98c63d1d8a8fb *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T01 - Ghost of a Chance.shn
241310e7b6d93f5f80ea0ae966bffff8 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T10 - Tom Sawyer.shn
87e77457f4dc7689d22777e200419d65 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T11 - Audience Banter.shn
74f9beee365c6135cfab17fad6b23fc4 *Rush - Noahs Ark 1992-06-12-D2T12 - The Spirit of Radio.shn 

RTB Noahs Ark Back.jpg
RTB Noahs Ark Front Thumbnail.jpg
RTB Noahs Ark Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 5.833333333333333

   (Audio - 5.5)

Not a bad sounding show, but it isn't complete.? The Intro and the first part of Force Ten are missing.? The first part of Tom Sawyer is missing and everything after following The Spirit of Radio is missing.? At times the tape sounds a bit muffled, but it is still a very listenable recording.??? Simple Man Productions did a good job with the source he had, but unless you attended this show, or collect everything out there, I'd have to recommend putting this one low on your priorities.? There are better shows from this tour that are complete.

As is the Simple Man norm, this show is only available for FREE TRADE ONLY. It is currently available on the Rush Traders Direct Connect hub and several other hubs as well. It is also available for trade and B&P. In addition, it will be posted to sometime soon. And most importantly please remember, this live unofficial recording was produced by fans for fans. It is never to be sold and only traded freely. If you enjoy this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases.


Simple Man Productions
   (Audio - 6)

As the rating says this show is nothing to write home about. It is incomplete and had a fair amount tape hiss. Hopefully someday a complete and better recording will surface.    (2003-11-09)

   (Audio - 6)

?    (2004-01-01)

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