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Media: 1 CD Audio
Time: 74:40
Catalog: Great Live Records: GLR 9251
Source: Audience
Date: April 23, 1992
Location: Sporthalle, K?ln, Germany

Limelight   4:31
Freewill   4:04
Distant Early Warning   4:27
Time Stand Still   5:31
Dreamline   5:02
Bravado   6:41
Roll The Bones   6:18
Show Don?t Tell   6:19
The Big Money   6:17
Ghost Of A Chance   5:38
Subdivisions   3:56
Closer To The Heart   5:07
Tom Sawyer   5:45
The Spirit Of Radio   4:54

Bone back.JPG

Average Rating:Audio: 7.166666666666667

   (Audio - 7)

First off, let me say that the title for this one has always bothered me, it sounds like a perverted baker?never mind?? This was the first Rush boot I ever got on CD (oh way back about 7-8 years ago) It's a partial show from the Roll the Bones tour from Germany and I really want to say that it's from a radio source. The mix isn't too bad, all the instruments are clear and just a slight bit of weird distortion in the deep background. The audience isn't too present. ( a slight dropout of the left channel during a few songs,? but for no more than a second or two) Mainly the only problem is that it isn't the whole show!?

Not too sure what the manufacturer was thinking when they designed the cover, a picture of a blast furnace pouring molten metal into a mold???? Anyway, No huge reason to get this show except that it sounds good, but there are other shows from this tour that sound as good or better and contain the whole show. (especially a few nights later with the Over the Europe show!)    (2001-06-24)

Ron's Rush RoIO Review
   (Audio - 6)

Very good audience recording. As seems inevitable in boots, this has several mislabelings of songs. "Distant Early Warning" is "Distant Early Morning," and "Bravado" is called "Pay the Price."    (1999-04-01)

Aramis K. Vidaurre Álvarez
   (Audio - 8.5)

BTR can certainly confuse you, and I am not talking about the cover (an industrial kind of topic??). Though it is an audience recording, the sound exceeds a typical AUD, despite it is a little muffled. If you play it with an appropriate program you will get a perfect spot. The instruments are quite clear; this is one of the few boots where the bass is perfectly captured and equalized (not so high but not so low). The drums are stunning. The guitar a little bit low at certain portions. Cons: well, obviously the length, very short. It is sort of a “greatest hits live” album. Speaking about the set list, there is a song indexed as “Distant Early Morning” which sound familiar and ““Bravado” is indexed as “Pay the Price” (perhaps both good names for demo songs). As for the performance, I’m afraid not one of their best. It sounds as if Geddy had a cold or something because his voice is average. In deed, he doesn't get the high pitch in some portions and it is evident that he needs "to lean" on the overdubbed vocals. Also, Alex was not a helping hand backing him up in that matter; indeed, in “Closer to Strangiato”, I mean, “Closer to the Heart” his impromptu is weak. “Subdivisions” lacks sentiment and “Tom Sawyer” is performed as if they just wanted to go home, it is so lame. In sum, excellent sound, good set list, but no a good day to play.    (2007-10-11)

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