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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 60:36, 63:09
Catalog: Sirius Records: SIR0930/0931
Source: Audience (1st Gen Analog)
Date: April 15, 1992
Location: Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

Intro / Force Ten   5:22
Limelight   4:25
Freewill   4:06
Distant Early Warning   4:25
Time Stand Still   6:10
Dreamline   5:12
Bravado   6:39
Roll The Bones   6:08
Show Don't Tell   6:17
The Big Money   6:16
Ghost Of A Chance   5:36

Subdivisions   4:03
The Pass   4:57
Where's My Thing?   5:33
The Rhythm Method   7:23
Closer To The Heart   5:11
Xanadu   6:45
Superconductor   5:07
Tom Sawyer   5:56
The Spirit Of Radio   4:58
2112: Overture   3:19
Finding My Way   2:08
La Villa Strangiato   3:14
Anthem   1:45
Red Barchetta   1:28
The Spirit Of Radio (reprise)   1:22

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55f52607eb4449c14474bade23a1c4e7 *d1t05.shn
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3e31811ab3da774c66275315e5c495d7 *d1t10.shn
386519f75e27499e91384f367f0424b2 *d1t11.shn

89d8dc70e2e9cf6d160f32cda8a32f20 *d2t01.shn
27635fb3dcbd0297a182b671eef732d4 *d2t02.shn
5844015ce81d75ea545ac5bf4de3821f *d2t03.shn
e8357603f89aedf796bfb22274b7f7fc *d2t04.shn
a03011dea8a2a97a1b50fe1b162f0a94 *d2t05.shn
46a67911187a8ea117686a4e5e8b01e4 *d2t06.shn
dcee97c088dfcd98932eeccdb85fd928 *d2t07.shn
53081c5fe4240b592af65c82951163c5 *d2t08.shn
e4a132a45ad6464a2b88f9a5e64c3939 *d2t09.shn
0f984cb1412a1b6930170f6543a134a5 *d2t10.shn
37d6202b79197726b38fac50aae271ed *d2t11.shn
553da501321b90a56f854169ffbcbdb1 *d2t12.shn
f4963d53e27398c8ac4519adf551916d *d2t13.shn
d55877f84264807bfd8e55a8975cf8ba *d2t14.shn
744c721d8c4cd6f62da348fe9c1909c6 *d2t15.shn

RTB Scottish Gremlins Back.jpg
RTB Scottish Gremlins Front Thumbnail.jpg
RTB Scottish Gremlins Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.333333333333333

Sirius Records
   (Audio - 7)

OK folks, here's the first Sirius release of 2004. The title of this one is a nod to the various technical difficulties the band was experiencing on this night. The recording is in mono but sounds very nice, and it's lots of fun to listen to. Thanks go to John A. for supplying the source, and Norm for the cover art. SHN files have been uploaded to the usual suspects, and artwork can be found in the usual place. Enjoy!    (2004-02-27)

   (Audio - 8.5)

This is the 1st time i've had a show that I actually attended, so nostalgia may influence my review. The sound from this show is fine and comes across the speakers very well although you can feel it drifting away as you listen, with firsthand knowledge of the venue the sound is actually a bit like that and a common complaint from the venue is that the sound seems to get lost in the roof and disipate a bit. All in all a solid audience recording with my personal experience upping the rating. Thanx again to Geddy on Dime.   (2007-01-18)

Aramis K.V.A
   (Audio - 6.5)

Perhaps for the guys it was one night to forget; for the listeners a venue to remember. The different mysterious mishaps give an idea of the difficulties they had to cope with, especially for Alex. I am not convinced that the sound reaches very good quality standards as it has been pointed out. The instruments are distant and the sound is muffled. However, the second part (or disc) the sound is a little bit clean. Basically, Gremlins start appearing in “Distant Early Warning”: at mark 1:39 the guitar simply “goes off” during a couple of seconds. The most dramatic moments occur in “Time Stand Still”: after the clock ticking, Neil gives the cue to begin but they don’t; it seems that Alex’s guitar suffer a malfunction. It takes some seconds for the guys to get back in track. Before “Dreamline”, Geddy says “we’d like to continue as soon as he is ready”; he is talking about Alex who is still experiencing some technical problems. In deed, during certain pauses between songs you can hear him tuning the strings. In “Closer to the Heart”, Alex is perhaps influenced by Gremlins; at 4:20 it seems that the guys are again out of track. Fortunately, they manage to finish the set with no other disturbances; even in the medley they sound compact and solid. It seems that the Scottish Gremlins had finally disappeared.    (2008-02-05)

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