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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 69:22, 54:46
Catalog: Void Productions: VDP-107
Source: Audience
Date: December 13, 1991
Location: Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Force Ten   4:28
Limelight   4:27
Freewill   4:10
Distant Early Warning   4:37
Time Stand Still   6:10
Dreamline   5:15
Bravado   6:53
Roll the Bones   6:20
Show Don't Tell   5:45
The Big Money   6:18
Ghost of a Chance   5:35
Subdivisions   4:21
The Pass   4:58

Where's My Thing?   5:22
The Rhythm Method   7:51
Closer to the Heart   4:49
Xanadu   6:41
Superconductor   5:37
Tom Sawyer   6:02
The Spirit of Radio   5:01
2112 Overture   3:26
Finding My Way   2:11
La Villa Strangiato   3:50
Anthem   1:18
Red Barchetta   1:37
The Spirit Of Radio (reprise)   0:54

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Average Rating:Audio: 6

Mike P
   (Audio - 6)

Well this is the first and only Rush show I'll be releasing. The reason being I just don't have access to much good material, and people like Digital Reproductions among others are doing a fine job with a lot of really low gen HQ source tapes. This show sounds OK maybe like a B or a VG. I worked on the EQ A LOT and then ran a lowpass filter to rid it of some of the tape hiss. The biggest flaw is the fact that the first song and a half sounds like the taper was still unpacking his gear as the sound is very muffled. There are much better Roll The Bones shows in wide circulation - I just decided to put this on CD since AFAIK this one isn't on CD, and I was at the show. I remember going to this right around the time of semester finals my sophomore year of college , with my soon to be roommate Crash, and I think Paul's little brother. On the way back to the car I think we heard gunshots... I love Hartford! This show is available in both audio and .shn formats.   (1999-04-01)

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