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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 60:05, 62:02
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-21091
Source: Audience (Analog Master)
Date: December 10, 1991
Location: The Centrum, Worchester, Massachusetts, USA

Force Ten   5:04
Limelight   4:19
Freewill   4:02
Distant Early Warning   4:28
Time Stand Still   6:07
Dreamline   5:00
Bravado   6:57
Roll the Bones   5:59
Show Don't Tell   6:01
The Big Money   6:45
Ghost of a Chance   5:23

Subdivisions   4:17
The Pass   4:47
Where's My Thing?   5:10
The Rhythm Method   7:20
Closer to the Heart   4:40
Xanadu   6:17
Superconductor   5:09
Tom Sawyer   6:47
The Spirit of Radio   4:50
2112 Overture   3:19
Finding My Way   2:07
La Villa Strangiato   3:13
Anthem   1:43
Red Barchetta   1:33
The Spirit Of Radio (reprise)   0:50

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Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7.5)

It is always nice to locate a source for a show you've actually attended. I have fond memories of this show as it was the first Rush show I had the opportunity to actually attend. I had fairly decent seats for the show, much better than the seats I had for the Jethro Tull show from the month before. The Centrum is essentially and IHL hockey arena which is built like a concrete coffin. The acoustics are rather nasty if you are above the first tier of seats as the sound reverberates to infinity on the upper levels. Easily the loudest of the 50 or so rock concerts I've been to, every time Neil hit the bass drums you were thrust back into your seat. They played with over 27,000 watts this evening, Jethro Tull only used 19,000 watts and Dire Straits used less than 10,000 watts! The other thing I remember was how viciously open acts are treated at a Rush show. Vinny Moore was the act this night, a wanna be big hair guitar wizard with more slick production than actual substance. His bass player sounded great though, as one would expect using the mix for Rush. As soon as Vinny began playing after the bass solo the crowd practically boo'd him right off the stage. In a final defying gesture Vinny destroyed his guitar on stage, the crowd then proceeded to laugh hysterically! Now for the show itself, the sound is pretty good for an audience recording. Not one of the best from the tour, but one of the best from the opening leg of the tour. After a while, the recording really starts to round out. It is still a bit distant, but all the instruments are well resolved with Neil being a little low in presence. I might be partially biased given the fact that I attended the show, but all in all it is quite good. There are a few amusing bits by the tapers dealing with an obnoxious fan. They talk of shooting him or running him down in their car after the show. This happens between the songs as gives a bit of comic relief. All in all an entertaining show and one worth listening.    (2001-06-24)

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