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A Dry Kind Of Humid


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 79:42, 79:52
Catalog: Sirius Records: SIR 0580/0581
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: July 19, 2002
Location: Marcus Amphitheatre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Three Stooges   0:25
Tom Sawyer   4:55
Distant Early Warning   4:57
New World Man   4:06
Roll The Bones   6:44
Earthshine   5:38
YYZ   4:54
The Pass   5:07
Bravado   6:10
The Big Money   6:23
Between Sun & Moon   4:56
Vital Signs   4:52
Natural Science   8:33
One Little Victory   6:39
Driven   5:21

Ghost Rider   5:48
Secret Touch   6:58
Dreamline   5:13
Red Sector A   5:17
Leave That Thing Alone   4:54
Drum Solo   7:56
Resist   4:32
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:49
Limelight   4:31
La Villa Strangiato   9:05
The Spirit of Radio   5:46
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:27
Cygnus X-1   3:13
Working Man   5:21

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Average Rating:Audio: 8

Sirius Records
   (Audio - 8)


Ron's Rush RoIO Review
   (Audio - 8)

What a fantastic show. The folks from Sirius have done it again. This is the first time on the tour, when everything ? both old songs and new ? sound exceptionally well-played. This is particularly true for "Between Sun And Moon," which has been hit-or-miss up to this point. This bootleg gets it's title from Alex's rant, which details a dream in which he descends into Hell. The sound on this recording is truly incredible, with crystal-clear highs and distinct, punchy lows. Overall, I rank this among the top three from this tour so far, along with the Mansfield and Raleigh bootlegs. If you are looking for good VT shows, this is the place to start.

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