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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 78:29, 37:18
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-010
Source: Audience (Analog Master - Micro Cassette)
Date: December 03, 1991
Location: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Force Ten   0:37
Limelight   4:31
Freewill   4:08
Distant Early Warning   4:40
Time Stand Still   6:13
Dreamline   5:14
Bravado   6:52
Roll the Bones   7:24
Show Don't Tell   5:33
The Big Money   6:16
Subdivisions   4:15
The Pass   5:09
Where's My Thing?   5:22
The Rhythm Method   7:30
Closer to the Heart   4:43

Xanadu   6:40
Superconductor   5:30
Tom Sawyer   6:54
The Spirit of Radio   5:02
2112:Overture   3:24
Finding My Way   2:09
La Villa Strangiato   3:21
Anthem   0:28
Red Barchetta   3:48

b552db3f9183f6322a96520efd3eab7d *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T01 - Force Ten.shn
2241844776debe5c5828f478da3cae4c *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T02 - Limelight.shn
a078ed9e1821d6d92483e3eb84c09fa3 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T03 - Freewill.shn
7074c203376fe7b0a596bc71963fee70 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T04 - Distant Early Warning.shn
b7f943aebbd8a10a809f9b49de933ed1 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T05 - Time Stand Still.shn
396e3aa72d1ad9771b9df55479845d47 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T06 - Dreamline.shn
7059f66600edbfb6dee14373e56433c4 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T07 - Bravado.shn
7a7a0842848ba60ab4a1cdd44d7b01cc *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T08 - Roll the Bones.shn
2fa8d9d1c184f53ce9af07cdb389cf21 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T09 - Show Don't Tell.shn
9dbeb93fbeb6dfca26e4a171157455ac *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T10 - The Big Money.shn
00b7d77b35ae69dd5129e3cf5e8e46e7 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T11 - Subdivisions.shn
0f0f118a0919947b5f3b5c8950c01fc0 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T12 - The Pass.shn
531b9c2aada5d622cda68a58be602af6 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T13 - Where's My Thing.shn
506a3efe931d8658f491ed8e1c13b5db *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T14 - The Rhythm Method.shn
3ce2d20b7bad1c9d32192dbceb7a0737 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D1T15 - Closer to the Heart.shn

f06524107fa1ad9902df824ab2484f4d *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D2T01 - Xanadu.shn
2848492e79a285e828adca09b4e1f050 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D2T02 - Superconductor.shn
a3d625cb2d408e2a0a3b08b69ae6cde1 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D2T03 - Tom Sawyer.shn
d7d72be7e4100186c7dbd350ab1b76bb *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D2T04 - The Spirit of Radio.shn
a9c2ec16544e463d9d6c0864c9e72d1e *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D2T05 - 2112 Overture.shn
7b31a6eab69ae8b68379b537a6ef6dfb *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D2T06 - Finding My Way.shn
f55616ce968c315e9e39fb4c2185d4fc *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D2T07 - La Villa Strangiato.shn
f4564aa941935233fcb431f16fa0749c *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D2T08 - Anthem.shn
8cc579f2d4f7d1e8d69f82a409a00292 *Rush - Renewed Faith 12-3-91 - D2T09 - Red Barchetta.shn

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Average Rating:Audio: 7

Taper's Notes (ZeroMischief)
   (Audio - 7)

This was my first and probably only attempt at taping my favorite band live. The story behind it is quite funny. I was 19 at the time and thought "eh, it'd be cool to tape a Rush show." So I packed up my, yes that's right, micro-cassette recorder, and headed out to the show. My ex-girlfriend stashed the recorder in her D-sized bra, and voila, concert recording history was made! I left the recording for dead and packed it away right after the show. Now, 12 years later, I've joined this newsgroup, started trading, learned some things (a HUGE thanks to CabinMusic), and I dug this show out to see what could be done with it. It's nothing special (although Simple Man did wonders with it), but it's not a date that's traded all that much, so enjoy! Just my little contribution to the Rush community. A HUGE thank you to Simple Man Productions, and to Daneck for the awesome artwork! This show w/artwork will soon be made available for trade on Direct Connect, as well as vine or weed! Stay tuned!   (2003-05-17)

   (Audio - 7)

Times listed on the artwork are for the 'Speed Corrected' release.? This show was originally a tad bit fast.? It is hoped that there are no 'fast' versions still in the wild, but it is possible.    (2003-05-17)

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