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New Orleans 1992


Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 53:41, 63:13
Catalog: Post Script: PSCD 2257
Source: Audience
Date: February 23, 1992
February 25, 1992
Location: UNO Lakefront CA, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Civic Center, Pensacola, Florida, USA

Force Ten   4:44
Limelight   4:25
Freewill   4:06
Distant Early Warning   4:29
Time Stand Still   5:21
Dreamline   4:58
Bravado   7:02
Roll the Bones   6:07
Show Don't Tell   6:18
The Big Money   6:10

Ghost of a Chance   5:51
Subdivisions   4:23
The Pass   4:52
Where's My Thing   5:13
The Rhythm Method   7:24
Closer to the Heart   4:46
Xanadu / Superconductor   12:24
Tom Sawyer   5:31
Limelight   4:23
Freewill   4:03
Distant Early Warning   4:26

RTB New Orleans 1992 Back.jpg
RTB New Orleans 1992 Front Thumbnail.jpg
RTB New Orleans 1992 Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.25

   (Audio - 8)

Artwork is mislabeled as 24 February. Track times taken off the artwork. Source and sound quality is identical to 'Mardi Gras' except that 'Mardi Gras' has the intro, and some of the track indexing is different for a few tracks. In my opinion, if you're going to get this show date, go for the 'Mardi Gras' version instead. The only advantage 'New Orleans 1992' has are the bonus tracks which can be found on 02-25-1992 'Pensacola' also released by Goregon Music.    (2003-11-30)

Aramis K. Vidaurre
   (Audio - 8.5)

I really like this one, but not because the dice again makes its appearance on a boot’s cover. Despite it is an audience recording, the instruments are captured quite clearly. The bass perhaps is kind of muffled, quite clear in “Freewill”. In “Force Ten” there is a problem in the sound since it is distorted at times. It is as if the tape gets smashed, and the variation in sound it provokes also remains in the transference. “Time Stands Still” has a cut a 5:20 which is perfectly faded out to have “Dreamline” next. In “Roll the Bones” the intro takes one more second (an extended key note) than other versions. It’d be up to the listener to assume it’s a miscue. Again the guys play a short version of “Subdivisions”. “The Pass” is played, and this time Geddy omits that phrase that it is “one of my favorite songs” quite recurrent in other boots; perhaps he was distracted by Alex, was he playing around? At mark 7:20 of “Xanadu/Superconductor”, there is a noticeable change in the sound –the bass “disappears” - which goes to normal seconds later. Speaking of “Xanadu”, check out the intro starting from mark 1:22 and there is a particular resemblance to Edge’s, U2, way of playing the chords. The “Moving Pictures, take 28” intro for “Tom Sawyer” was left in the edition as part of X/SC. I would have preferred to have just with TS as it is in other boots. With the three songs added from another date, there is a slight difference in the mix. The instruments are a little bit more distant this time. Again the variation in the sound plays with you, at mark 2:31 of “Early Distant Warning” it sounds as if the guitar “went off”. Because at this point someone screams, one might assume that something really happens.    (2007-08-20)

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