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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 60:36, 54:57
Catalog: Rush-Signals Production: #RSP-910122-1
Source: Audience (Analog Master)
Date: January 22, 1992
Location: Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, California, USA

Force Ten   5:05
Limelight   4:20
Freewill   4:02
Distant Early Warning   4:29
Time Stand Still   5:38
Dreamline   5:34
Bravado   6:56
Roll The Bones   6:09
Show Don?t Tell   6:16
The Big Money   6:25
Ghost of a Chance   5:42

Subdivisions   4:00
The Pass   5:03
Where?s My Thing?   5:13
Closer To The Heart   4:51
Xanadu   6:43
Superconductor   5:05
Tom Sawyer   6:06
The Spirit of Radio (Medley)   4:56
2112 Overture   3:19
Finding My Way   2:08
La Villa Strangiato   3:14
Anthem   1:43
Red Barchetta   1:33
The Spirit of Radio   1:03

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TGWF front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9

   (Audio - 9)

I'm very glad I got this show. The sound is very good, but is easily beaten by "Atmospheric", "Over the Europe" & "Cold Flames" (not to mention the unmentionable "Mirrors", which of course I just mentioned!). A few odd things happen during this show. Although the band and audience morale is extremely high, the band makes a number of errors throughout the night. It does not seem to spoil anybody's fun in the least! The most notable error is when the tape goes off during "Dreamline", the part that the tape plays "we are young" went off at a completely misplaced time! Its very strange, and cool. This performance is VERY good, though and the audience is secondary, but VERY enthusiastic, which I love. Unfortunately, the "Atmospheric" and OtE shows don't leave much to desire in the way of performance (or anything else for that matter), and the "Cold Flames" performance is just amazing in every facet! Although in "Cold Flames" you must overcome to hiss! I don't know why I'm so fond of this show. It IS a great show, but comes in after so many better recordings. I suppose the moral of the story is, this is for REAL diehard, especially of this tour, which tells you why I love it! I listen to this show in strong rotation.   (2001-06-24)

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