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Media: 3 CD Audio
Time: 55:08, 55:14, 50:41
Catalog: Watch Tower: WT 2002083/84/85
Source: Soundboard
Date: October 18, 1996
Location: Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, New York, USA

Dreamline   4:04
The Big Money   6:34
Driven   4:59
Half the World   3:58
Red Barchetta   6:50
Animate   6:38
Limbo   5:27
The Trees   5:13
Red Sector A   5:33
Virtuality   5:52

Nobody's Hero   5:44
Closer to the Heart   4:28
2112   20:38
Test for Echo   7:04
Subdivisions   5:35
Freewill   5:35
Roll the Bones   6:10

Resist   4:44
Leave That Thing Alone   4:38
The Rhythm Method   7:15
Natural Science   8:15
Force Ten   4:50
Time and Motion   5:02
The Spirit of Radio   4:59
Tom Sawyer   5:10
YYZ   5:48

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b9a24dcf7223e2aad60ba990ce1888ae *rush_10-18-96_d1t09.shn
d4577b12663702e4350ac5425136a578 *rush_10-18-96_d1t10.shn
a06d9f3d00c070ed28bdfcc085e61a74 *rush_10-18-96_d2t01.shn
138063efce874da63662dd5fdbddf7b1 *rush_10-18-96_d2t02.shn
3ccad705d19931c248ebffcf3b3052e3 *rush_10-18-96_d2t03.shn
5379367121445b727951f02e78a0ffd9 *rush_10-18-96_d2t04.shn
167071077f88fe500694121d8afc4e75 *rush_10-18-96_d2t05.shn
612ec5b8275f5c2a8c686c576d5afb22 *rush_10-18-96_d2t06.shn
326a2c61fdb4ca83493b27dfad44eb93 *rush_10-18-96_d2t07.shn
9d30a17dd8734cdf096cebe523ef646d *rush_10-18-96_d3t01.shn
4504258e82fbd2729a2f2c3433407dcf *rush_10-18-96_d3t02.shn
50e6515b27984df97960f27ca844cf84 *rush_10-18-96_d3t03.shn
3e6e3b5b4d7b03f1451bf5e191012283 *rush_10-18-96_d3t04.shn
96976133b832b2fdbd4d4433b8b1f459 *rush_10-18-96_d3t05.shn
28147b664c5540cda0a4368ba63dbd38 *rush_10-18-96_d3t06.shn
01ee88ce6190e93b1544ca2546448fb9 *rush_10-18-96_d3t07.shn
5f5f0c304cdf2fe0afcc5e8ca6b18d41 *rush_10-18-96_d3t08.shn
b1d994671e845bfcc04a7ff8b2f7fa28 *rush_10-18-96_d3t09.shn
d0a3fa49722b04cfb69a6b33459277da *rush_10-18-96_d3t10.shn

T4E Echoes On The Stages Back Thumbnail.jpg
T4E Echoes On The Stages Back.jpg
T4E Echoes On The Stages Front Gatefold.jpg
T4E Echoes On The Stages Front Thumbnail.jpg
T4E Echoes On The Stages Front.jpg
T4E Echoes On The Stages.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 9.75

2002 Rush RoIO of the Year Award


   (Audio - 10)

This has to be one of THE greatest find for us RUSH fans.? WHERE IN THE WORLD DID THIS SOURCE COME FROM??? WOW!!! The sound is crystal clear with nice stereo separation and a wonderful mix.? Personally, only a wee bit more low end could help this great sounding source.? According to the packaging, this source is taken from the rehearsal performance one night before the T4E tour opening night (19 October) at the? Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY.? There is no crowd noise, because there was none.? RUSH is going through the entire setlist (probably) in front of the crew and perhaps few lucky individuals who had the privilege to be there.? Sometimes Geddy throws in odd lyrics here and there; and during some of the older songs, Geddy doesn't sing the lyrics at all and just lets the music come through.? Listen to TSoR for some of Geddy's humor!!? What a great addition to anyone's list.    (2002-12-30)

   (Audio - 9.5)

Holy crap! A full stereo soundboard from a tour rehearsal. Doesn't get any better than that! I can't recommend this show enough. You get to hear the band practice the whole set and screw around as well. Very funny at times. Geddy also doesn't sing in a lot of the older tunes, so you'll also get an instrumental only version of many songs. Get this!   (2004-09-02)

   (Audio - 9.5)

This is one incredible recording. It is great to hear the rehearsal. Hear instrumental parts, no vocals or changed vocals, the band just getting warmed up. The kind of thing you always wanted to hear but never could. This is a recording that won't disappoint!   (2004-11-18)

Meir Weinberg
   (Audio - 10)

Amazing rarity. Listen to Red Sector A. In my opinion, it's the best vocal performance. Geddy does some variations on the melody and it really adds to the vocals and sounds even more melodious than how he usually sings it. In particular, the way he sings "are we the last ones left alive" the last two times the lyric appears in the song, it sounds SO awesome. Out of the other 35-40 times I've heard him sing it, he's NEVER sang it that way. Closer To The Heart is practiced in jest as Geddy and Alex horse around and sing it jokingly. All in all, great bootleg.    (2005-02-02)

Joey Crosby
   (Audio - 9.5)

i like this recording , since i do like the behing the scenes stuff , its a great sounding one , ive been popin this one in alot , its one of my favorites , Joey Crosby   (2007-02-17)

Malcolm Aitchison
   (Audio - 10)

This has to be one of, if not the best sounding available!! Awesome just dont sum it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beg, steal ( maybe not ) sell a kidney. Get this recording   (2010-04-07)

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